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British expatriates is your site. Meet new friends, Discover new places, and learn how to invest and live wisely.In the UK, the NHS is always there to provide you with free healthcare, however when you move abroad it is essential to purchase good quality expatriate health insurance, so you aren’t in the position of having to remortgage your house or begging from friends and family to cover your medical bills. Many people sigh when thinking of having to purchase health insurance. But, think of it in the same way you purchase a hotel room or pay tax. Some international hospitals are like 5 star hotels, so you are purchasing a future hotel room and guaranteeing your are seeing the best surgeons with the best medical equipment to make sure that you are back to work quicker earning money rather than languishing in some poorly maintained local government hospital sharing a room with twenty other sick or infected patients.

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British expatriates has linked up with expert financial advisers and property advisers in their field to help you get the most out of your wealth.Most of these plans you need to start before 65. We do have plans for over 65's, but usually you have to pay an excess. The plans above have ZERO EXCESS. Please contact us at the address below for more information.

Contact Us for a FREE Pension Transfer Analysis, At BritishExpatriates.com, we make sure you choose the correct international health insurance plan by providing you with personalised recommendations making shopping for expatriate health insurance simple. We will compare all the available international health insurance plans on the market and find you the cheapest expatriate health insurance plan.

Ensuring access to quality healthcare is essential for people living or working abroad. Depending on where you live, local medical facilities can be very basic, expensive or inaccessible.

So, unless you are one of the few crazy individuals who believe they will never become sick or have an accident, purchasing good expatriate health insurance coverage is a necessity. You are probably paying much less taxes where you live than in the UK, so when you purchase the insurance, think of it as a minor tax on your wages to give you piece of mind.

International Expatriate health insurance plans offer different types of medical cover and with the wide range of products available from health insurance companies the choices can be pretty daunting. With medical costs increasing around the world at a quicker pace than the cost of living and people living longer, although not necessarily in good health, getting the right international healthcare plan is vital. This is why health insurance may be the most important expatriate insurance you can purchase. This is the first thing you should buy before even leaving the UK.

So, why is expat health insurance critically important?Your expatriate healthcare concerns can easily and quickly be put to rest by purchasing expat healthcare insurance.[list type="big-tick"] [li]Cost. We compare all the different international healthcare plans that are available on the market and get you the cheapest international expatriate health insurance on the market.[/li] [li]Choice. You can choose which qualified medical practitioner/GP/doctor/surgeon/specialist you want as well as choosing the hospital or medical facility you want to stay in.

This is particularly important if you don’t trust the doctors at the local government hospitals or your local hospital doesn’t have the medical expertise required to carry out procedures.[/li] [li]Avoiding financial ruin. Purchasing the correct expat healthcare plan will make sure you can afford and access the best treatment and medical facilities. Medical costs can run into many thousands of Pounds quickly, so unless you have access to ready vast amounts of ready cash it’s best to transfer the financial risk to your healthcare insurer.[/li] [li]Peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about what happens if you rent a motorbike or car.

Go on adventure holidays without worrying about the medical costs if you break your leg rock climbing or jumping off a waterfall. Even if you are living in paradise, there are many ways where you could easily end up in hospital without knowingly exposing yourself to any dangers.Reasons You Will Need Expatriate Health Insurance .Cuts and scratches in warm climates can quickly develop into bad infections[/li] [li]Mosquitoes can pose a real risk for Dengue, Malaria, and Japanese Encephalitis amongst others. These can leave you hospitalized for many days or even weeks. They can even be life threatening.

Pollution in countries such as China, Dubai and Indonesia can trigger respiratory illnesses and develop allergies for otherwise healthy individuals. The smog in China supposedly cuts your life expectancy by 5 years.[/li] [li]If you are in good health and feel you will not need health insurance, there are factors which are out of your control which can lead to you needing health insurance. Stomach bugs, respiratory illnesses and road accidents are common in developing countries whilst even a strep throat can rack up massive bills in the USA.

Your health insurance is buying you the best hospitals in your country. Some of them are like 5 star hotels. Whilst the local hospital or clinic might be alright for minor illnesses, you will want the best qualified surgeons if you have a serious illness or accident. Many doctors at international hospitals are trained in the United States or the UK and the medical and diagnostic equipment at the top hospitals will pick up things that may be missed in hospitals with sub par medical facilities. Having private expatriate healthcare insurance will make sure you have access to the best healthcare and medical equipment, whilst also providing you with a private or semi-private room along with other home comforts if you need to be admitted for an overnight stay or longer.[/li] [li]Expatriates health insurance policies can be tailored to help ensure that whilst you are an expat, your healthcare basics will be covered. You can also purchase out-patient health insurance for minor illnesses and checkups.

Expatriate Health Insurance Quote,Brokers such as ourselves will help you narrow down the field of choices to make sure you can find the right expatriate insurance solution to suit your needs at the best possible price.Just let us know if you want in-patient only, which reduces your expatriate health insurance premiums, but means you will not be covered for trips to the doctor for minor illnesses and check ups or if you want a full health insurance plan which covers in-patient and out-patient costs.Also, please let us know if you want dental coverage or additional maternity coverage. Please send us your date of birth for an international health insurance quote and we will look into all the different available healthcare plans and compare expat health insurance reviews.We can find the best quality low cost expatriate health insurance to cover your medical bills whilst you are living abroad. Purchase that piece of mind today.

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