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Service connected Veterans Disability, unlike other assistance, is not based upon financial need. Call Herren Law at (713) 682-8194 for more information.

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Among the 2.7 million Texans aged 65 and older, most will require some form of long term care. Also, between 1/3 and 2/3 of all disabled Texans who require long term care are not elderly. Whether care includes Hospice, stays at the nursing home, hospital visits, medical visits or equipment at home, or assisted living, long term care is very expensive. At an assisted living center in Houston, for example, you can reasonably expect to pay an average of $3,545 a month (the minimum for care in a nursing home can reach minimums of $6,000 a month).

Because this care typically helps individuals maintain a lifestyle as opposed to treating or curing illnesses or disabilities, insurance policies should provide financial security and peace-of-mind. However, the system is not perfect. Imagine your parents or a loved one bought a long term care policy and paid its steep premiums since. When an illness or disability affects their ability to take care of themselves, the insurer should be there to help, right? In some unfortunate cases, no.

It’s a widespread problem that occurs far too often than it should, and insurance companies need to be held accountable to their policyholders. At Herren Law, we side with policyholders who’ve paid their dues and should receive the benefits they need. With over 17 years of experience, we’ve established a successful system for getting people their rightful benefits, and we’ll help you too.

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Long Term Disability (LTD) applies to insurance policies typically issued to employers for the benefit of employees. They are governed by a federal law known as Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Don’t be misled by the term “Security” in the Act. ERISA results in almost anything but security for the disabled employee. ERISA grants broad discretion to insurers in deciding who will be entitled to the benefits.

It is a very onerous act, especially in the way it has been interpreted by the federal courts. The cards are most definitely stacked against the employee who files for disability under one of these policies. The most common disabling conditions involve the back and other skeletal conditions causing impairments. We provide an overview of disability impairments, or disabling conditions qualifying for Disability Benefits throughout our site. Also, if you believe your insurance provider is underpaying or not acting in accordance to its contracts, you can learn more about LTD bad faith practices here.

Typically the employee is covered for some percentage of her salary. For the first two years she is considered disabled if unable to do her past job; thereafter, she is considered disabled only if she cannot perform any job. Other benefits, such as Social Security Disability and Worker’s Compensation are deducted from the benefit amount. For example, if the employee was making $3,000 per month and is covered for 60%, and if her Social Security benefit is $1,200 per month, her benefit amount is $1,800 minus $1,200 or $600 net.

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