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2233 Burrard Street #309 , Vancouver- V6J 3H9
British Columbia , Canada  Canada
+1 6046763583
6047299418 Fax : 6046763582 Toll Free : 8556763583 http://mortgagebrokerbc.com
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Mac Mortgage Approval Corp - Vancouver

Mortgage Approval Corp, based in Vancouver, BC is a leading mortgage brokerage firm that aims to offer full spectrum mortgage lending for borrowers and brokers alike. We aim to offer help to borrowers by getting them the best mortgage rates on first, second and third mortgages. We offer our quick and friendly service for corporate clients, private individuals and mortgage brokers who are looking for mortgage loans for their customers. To know more call us at (604) 676-3583 or visit http://mortgagebrokerbc.com

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If you’re considering a home equity loans in BC, borrowing options can seem quite overwhelming. Maybe you don’t know what this type of loan is or how it works. Fortunately, it’s not nearly as complicated as it seems. In fact, we offer home equity loans that are reliable for homeowners.

The foreclosure process in British Columbia is judicial and presided over by the Supreme Court of British Columbia. This means that nothing about the foreclosure process can proceed without the approval of the court. The term foreclosure means to take away a defaulted borrower’s right to redeem a mortgage on a property. In a sense, a foreclosure is like a divorce. It removes the borrower’s right to anything involving the property.

We provide professional financing services, so you can get the cash that you need while using your home as collateral. If you own a home, then there is a good chance that it has gained some equity.

Home equity is best defined as the difference between your remaining mortgage payments and appraised value of your home. Assuming the appraised value of your home doesn’t change much over time, you can get an equity loan for close to the amount that you’ve paid on your mortgage.

Product and Services

Low Income & No Income, Stated Income B-Lenders, Home Equity Loan, Second & Third Mortgages and Private Mortgage Financing. For more visit http://mortgagebrokerbc.com/what-we-offer/

The housing crisis really changed the way banks do loans. Unfortunately, it has made it harder for individuals with low income to get a mortgage. Today, there aren’t nearly as many low income home loan options when compared with what used to be available.A number of mortgage options were put on hold while the crisis was taking place.

A lot of programs were completely discontinued. While this might seem depressing, there are still many low income & no income mortgage options available.These programs can really help people who have low or no income. An excellent example is something called a stated income product. It’s a loan that doesn’t involve the lender examining the borrower’s pay stubs, tax returns or W-2 forms.

When applying for this type of loan, the borrower states their income, and the lender takes his or her word for it. In some cases, these are referred to as liar loans, but borrowers and lenders shouldn’t view these loans negatively.

In most cases, taking out a second & third mortgage is a fairly important decision. They’re usually made when homeowners need to make upgrades to their home or property. However, some people even take out a mortgage in the rare instance they need to buy a little time to pay their first mortgage, such as during unemployment or during financial troubles.

Likewise, third mortgages are even rarer.Sometimes it’s better to seek out the money or help through a personal loan or another financial agreement, such as refinance. However, there are situations when a third mortgage makes sense.If you’re in a position where taking out a second or third mortgage might be a possible decision, the following information might help you whittle down your options and arrive at a final choice.

Private mortgage financing in Vancouver helps self-employed people or those with less than perfect credit to buy a home. Those who buy real estate for quick turnaround–“flippers”–often say that short-term private mortgage financial is ideal. Because this kind of funding is less focused on the borrower’s credit than the likelihood of the project returning a better than market return, investors seeking a better than market return, such as money market or CD rates, loan money to borrowers. Rates are usually higher than published benchmark rates, or the rates banks give to their best customers.

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