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1250 Broadway , New York- 10001
New York , United States  United States
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Smart Source Media Group LLC - New York

Smart Source Media is an Custom Website Design and Internet Marketing Agency located in New York City. Specializing in Web Design, SEO, Social Media,and more

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If professionally planned and executed, a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is often one of the quickest routes to increased web traffic. PPC, often referred to as ‘paid search’, is the process of placing ads for your website in the search results for target keywords and phrases relating to your business. It is important to note the difference between ‘paid search’ and ‘organic’ search. Learn more about organic search engine optimization here. With PPC, the advertiser specifies which keywords and phrases they would like to target, and then bids on a maximum cost per click they are willing to pay for the designated term.

PPC advertising is like a silent auction where the cost per click depends on several factors, including the demand for the keyword. As more businesses recognize the value of pay per click advertising, more search engines and internet platforms are developing their own systems for marketers to use. Our search marketing specialists are experts at determining the proper platforms for your business, and utilizing them to generate the best possible outcome.

As a part of an integrated marketing strategy, landing pages are critical to the success of the overall campaign. Landing page optimization uses one page on your website in which your target audience would “land” on with clear demonstration of your marketing message and specific call to action.

These pages often include: video, audio, images, product descriptions, and downloadable information for your audience. A powerful landing page has a clean design, easy to read content, and is persuasive in nature. Working in conjunction with our variety of inbound marketing techniques, a good landing page can improve your conversion rates and increase the number of quality leads that come through your promotional efforts.

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Responsive web design is simply this–a website design that adjusts automatically to fit perfectly on desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers. Remember viewing a website on your iPhone and seeing just a very tiny version of what you would see on your desktop, so you zoomed way in, and then moved the website around and enlarged and shrunk it as needed to read text and click on things? That was not a responsive website. A responsive website provides the user with the optimal browsing experience no matter the device or size – be it a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important long term investments you can make in your company’s success on the internet. Why? Simply consider the fact that millions of searches are conducted on the internet each day, and the majority of them are about products and services. If your target market is searching the internet, it is crucial that your website is the one they find. SEO is one of the most cost-effective strategies to increase qualified visits to your website.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website in order to achieve higher placement in organic search results for desired keywords or phrases. How is this done? Since it is the search engine’s job to ensure only the most relevant sites get shown to a user in their search results, an SEO Specialist’s job is to establish your website as an expert in your field. There are many techniques for accomplishing this goal, and Smart Source utilizes the most effective and ethical methods available. Search Engine Optimization can be broken down into two basic elements; on-site and off-site SEO.

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Smart Source Media Group LLC
Web Design Firm Miami
My redesigned website is a show stealer - I love it. Thanks you guys at Smart Source Media for making the website a great one - you are the best web design firm in Miami.
Smart Source Media Group LLC
NY Web Designers
My company availed web designing services from Smart Source media group. The result was fabulous and new website looked great. They have a team of certified and experienced professionals providing various services in internet marketing and website designing.