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Classik cooling towers is one of the leading manufacturer of  cost effective and efficient cooling towers. Classik cooling towers is one of the best suppliers and exporters of industrial cooling towers in india.

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ICT (Induced Draft Counter flow Cooling Tower) Round shaped or popularly known as bottle type are designed to cool industrial re-cycled process water from temperature of 50 degrees to temperature of 4 plus the prevailing Wet Bulb temperature of the region.

The tower design incorporates hot water inlet at the bottom collection sump circulated vertically to the mechanical rotary sprinkler located above the fill media. The inlet water pressure rotate the sprinkler, having extended arm pipes with orifices to disperse water uniformly over the fill media.

The fan directly coupled to the motor, during operations takes away the heat by induced draft mechanism. Air is drawn from the lower air in take area & is induced to travel through the fill media thus taking away the latent heat from the water passing through the fill media. Portion of water evaporated, removes the heat from the remaining water. The warm moist air is drawn through the fan deck is discharged to the atmosphere. Cold water, collected at the collection sump, is re-circulated to the source.

The distinguishing features of our product are compact design Honey comb type PVC fills, with varying flute sizes, to provide maximum contact surface area and heat transfer surface per unit volume.

Classik Cooling Towers offers a wide choice of models in space-efficient, counter flow design.Counter flow design cooling towers usually offer a smaller footprint than cross flow towers and allow maximum thermal performance out of each plan area. Counter flow towers also help minimize your pump head requirements.

Classik Cooling Towers counter flow towers are available in various cell sizes and various combinations of components, in order to meet your specific application requirements and offer you the most effective value.

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