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The Workshop 32 - 40 Tontine Street , Folkestone- CT20 1JU
Kent , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Today (Sunday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Whitefish Marketing - Folkestone

Whitefish Marketing are a Kent based digital marketing agency, specialising in internet search marketing, conversion optimisation, and retention strategies. Our services include: SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PR, UX Testing, Content Copywriting, Web Design and Development, Google Analytics, Brand Reputation management, and Strategic consultancy. Our team of dedicated and professional digital marketers have the experience and knowledge to increase your online visibility and website profile. Working remotely from Folkestone in Kent, we successfully service clients nationwide and abroad.

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Monday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Additional Information

PPC Also known as paid advertising, ppc stands for Pay per Click. It means precisely that; you advertise your product or service and you are only charged each time your advert is clicked on by a viewer. Ppc is a generic term, but can be carried out in a variety of methods and across multiple platforms.

The most common of which is google ppc, where your adverts appear at the top of search results. Other mediums and variations of ppc include Facebook (and other social) ppc, remarketing (a more advanced version of ppc), display network advertising, YouTube video promotions and much more. In all cases, ppc works on a bidding system, like most auctions. You set your preferred limit and amount you are prepared to pay for each visitor click, and if your are higher than the next competitor, your adverts will be displayed above theirs. (There are other conditions, which will help you rank higher, but this is a simplified explanation).

Competition in business is as high as it’s ever been, with the internet providing consumers with access to a broader range of service providers in locations around the globe. As such, brand awareness has become fundamental to keeping your business in the spotlight, with traditional and web public relations (PR) all-important to the success of your company. At Whitefish Marketing, we know just how important it is to conduct PR in a manner that fosters enduring relationships, achieves the coverage you deserve, and promotes a presence within your industry that sets you apart from the competition.

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SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Analytics, Strategic planning, Conversion Optimisation, Web design, Web development, Digital Marketing

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