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1815 Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy , #104, Durham- 27707
North Carolina , United States  United States
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One Call Plumbing - Durham

Every house needs a good plumbing service provider in order to maintain a good and healthy environment. One Call Plumbing is the most fastest and quick response plumbing service located in Central Durham, North Carolina, we are the most trusted Durham plumbers since 2008 and have won many hearts all over the county. We also offer emergency services with a simple phone call at (919) 201-5200.

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Monday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
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Tankless water heaters are water heating devices that do not rely on a tank to store heated water. They operate on demand, using energy only when actively heating water. This eliminates the need to constantly reheat water stored in order to keep it at a preset temperature. As such, tankless water heater owners end up saving big on their monthly energy bills.

Additionally, tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water. With traditional tank-style water heaters there is around 40 gallons of hot water available for use. When you take a long shower, or run a hot, relaxing bath, your hot water reserves can be completely depleted. Then, you have to wait, sometimes hours, for your tank-style water heater to heat its fresh water supply. In the meantime, no hot water is available for other purposes.

You may qualify for a government-sponsored tax rebate when you have a non-electric tankless water heater installed in your home. Visit energy.gov/savings to see if there are rebates currently available in your area. And while traditional tank-style water heaters last only 7 – 15 years before needing replacement, tankless water heating units last as long as three decades.

There are many ways a broken, clogged, sagging, or cracked water line can disrupt the enjoyment of your home and family life. When you have a damaged or clogged water line, unsightly puddles can form, mold and mildew can grow, drywall can rot and fall off, and other unpleasant and/or serious scenarios can develop. The professional plumbers at One Call Plumbing Services can diagnose and repair your water line challenges, however minor or drastic.

flexible home plumbing linesWe’ll take care of the plumbing causes and damage from your water line issues — quickly and effectively. Inside your home, we take the least invasive approaches to repairing and/or replacing your water lines. If the damaged lines are outside of your home, we take great care while digging up and fixing them. And of course, every team member is very concerned about restoring your home to its original beauty.

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Old-time, hand-held drain cleaning snakes are basically worthless to a professional plumber. The licensed experts at One Call Plumbing Services utilize the latest drain snaking technologies to remedy your slowed or clogged drains.

From small, electric drain cleaning machines used to unclog your kitchen sink, to the largest drain snaking machine used to unclog a root-grown main line sewer stoppage, One Call Plumbing Services utilizes the most modern equipment the industry offers. Our customer service-minded professionals have the experience and skills necessary to complete every drain cleaning job quickly, cleanly, and efficiently.

Of course, there are some clogged drain cases where even the finest drain cleaning equipment available cannot unclog a stopped drain. Drain pipes rust out, get broken, or sag in the center creating a negative pitch resulting in a drain clog. In such cases, your drain pipes may need partially or completely replaced. And if it does, One Call Plumbing Services has you completely covered too!

Sewer line replacement, sewer line repair, and other backhoe services are specialties at One Call Plumbing Services. With our continual commitment to creating comprehensive customer satisfaction, we are the Triangle’s leader in plumbing services. This means every team member goes the extra mile — every time — to make sure each customer is a happy customer. We bring you industry-leading professionalism, the best equipment available anywhere, and our excellent reputation for providing exceptional value to homeowners with every project we take on.

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