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McRae's Septic Tank Service

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28944 Downes , Aldergrove- V4X 1S3
British Columbia , Canada  Canada
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McRae's Septic Tank Service - Aldergrove

In 1951, Bob McRae and Ike McRae started out in Vancouver disposing of waste from septic tanks digging holes with a shovel and wheel barrow. They purchased their first truck, a 1948 Chevy flat deck with a 500 gallon tank strapped to the bed.

1975 Ian began operating one of the first aluminum vacuum tank vehicles in B.C. A 1972 GMC 3700 gal. tanker. Dan started out on the vacuum truck before moving to a 1974 GMC 9500 hydra excavator series. The first combo flash and vac. truck in the lower mainland.

By 1994 Ian and Dan took operational management of the company with small fleet of 3 tankers 1 combo and a staff of 6 employees. Now into 2013 – McRae’s has a fleet of 20 vehicles and 35 employees. It is a common occurrence to see any of our vehicles or crew working in any community throughout the Fraser Valley.

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Monday 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Tuesday 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Wednesday 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Thursday 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Friday 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM
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Payment methods Cash, Cheques, Major Credit Cards
Year established1951
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Additional Information

Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning

Another important task on the spring cleaning schedule is the care and maintenance for septic tanks. A septic tank should be pumped out every two to three years. As a licensed septic waste transporter in the province of British Columbia McRae’s Septic can complete your Septic Tank Inspection, then Clean and Pump Out the Tank if necessary.

Tips to Maintain Your Septic System

Regularly pump-out the septic tank when needed.

Keep a record of pumping, inspections, maintenance and repairs.

Map out septic tank and other system components. This is useful for accessing the system and will prevent damaging system components when doing home maintenance or yard work.

Don’t park or drive heavy vehicles or equipment over the septic system.

Don’t build structures, such as decks, patios or swimming pools, that would cover the absorption field or limit access to the septic tank.

Don’t flush or use strong chemicals and bacteria-destroying products, such as drain cleaners, solvents, paint, paint thinners, floor cleaners, sink cleaners, motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides, and photo chemicals. These may disrupt septic tank or absorption system operation.

Don’t flush materials that don’t easily degrade, such as paper towels, cotton swabs, personal hygiene products, medications, disposable diapers, coffee grounds, cat litter, cooking fats/oils, facial tissues, dental floss, plastics, grease or bones.

Avoid garbage disposals or grinders because these substantially increase the accumulation of solids in the septic tank and in the absorption field.

Direct drainage away from the septic system from roof, cellar/footing (sump pump) and surface water run-off.

Plant grass and other shallow-rooted plants over the absorption field. Keep trees and long-rooted plants and shrubs away from the immediate area of the absorption area. Roots can grow into the pipes and clog the system.

Conserve water. Check for defective toilet tank valves, repair leaky fixtures, and install appliances and fixtures that use less water and avoid wasteful practices.

Regularly inspect and maintain any effluent pumps and alarms that may be part of your septic system.

Product and Services

Residential Septic

Home Septic Tank and Disposal Field Cleaning, Pumping, Inspections and Emergency Services in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.


Septic Cleaning For Municipality, Storm and Sanitary Sewer Lines and Catch Basins, Restaurant Grease Traps, Digging and Tank Rentals.

Power Sweeping

Cleaning of Retail, Commercial, Constructions sites, Streets, Sidewalks, Parking lots, Residential driveways and more in British Columbia.

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