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156 Thaba Bosigo Avenue , Glen Vista- 2091
Johannesburg , South Africa  South Africa
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Home insulations Johannesburg. Aerolite installers and isotherm installers. We have roof insulation installers nationwide.By using ceiling insulation like think pink aerolite, isotherm insulation, or think green insulation you can reduce power consumption and save money.Home Insulation have branches in Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Western Cape, supplying and installing the best ceiling insulation South Africa.

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Imagine coming home exhausted from a long day’s work, so you lie in bed to enjoy the cosiness and tranquillity of your home only to be awakened by a loud uproarious noise coming from your neighbours house. Anyone who has been in this situation can relate to the frustration you may endure; we all love to enjoy the comfort of our home. Soundproofing with fiberglass insulation makes it possible for you to enjoy the peace of your home without outside disturbances. Whether it is that you want shut out your neighbours or simply the kids playing in the living room, soundproofing can do it.

Acoustisorb is a sound absorption material that is compressible and light having been produced from polyester that has been thermally bonded. It works to reduce effect of noise transfer from one room to another. Brits Nonwoven undertook meticulous research and embraced in-depth procedures to develop this wonder acoustisorb insulation product. Acoustisorb offers the finest acoustic qualities and the best thing is its installation does not require special protective gear such as masks or gloves. We have acoustisorb insulation installers in Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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Think green insulation is a green eco-friendly polyester insulation made in Johannesburg. The product is made from recycle PET bottles in a similar way in which isotherm is made. Think green insulation is a relatively new product on the South African market and is cheaper than both think pink aerolite and isotherm insulation.Sisalation is a high caliber radiant barrier otherwise called reflective foil insulation. This item is a synthesis of aluminium foil that has been overlaid to kraft paper or fabric that has been woven.

sisalation reflective foilSisalation will help keep you cool in summer by reflecting sun oriented high temperature that transmits from the sun. It is a practical item that aides diminish your energy utilization in summer by keeping your building cooler inside.

Alububble is a high performance reflective insulation, also known as a radiant barrier. It’s a cost effective, simple way to reduce cooling bills in summer buy reflective radiant heat that would normally enter your roof through your tiles or corrugated iron.

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