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Digitaldowns.us you will have the opportunity to own a stable of virtual race horses racing each day for REAL MONEY. You will be in complete control of many aspects of horse racing ownership. Buying horses at auctions, claiming horses from virtual races, breeding horses, training and working out your horses, entering them in races for real money purses, vet visits, hiring and instructing jockeys, and best of all watching your horses race in real time for REAL money with our amazing 3d viewer.

The world’s best virtual horse racing game is easy to get started, but challenging and fun to learn.The most exciting aspects of real horse racing is right here at digitaldowns.us! Start your own bloodlines with our unique horse breeding component. It’s like starting your own franchise!

Breeding – A horse can be retired for breeding after its racing career ends, but to be eligible for breeding a colt must be at least 3 years old and must have started at least 10 races. Mares can only be retired at 4 years old and also start at least 10 times. Once retired, stallions can breed a maximum of 50 times. Mares can breed a maximum of 10 times. All horses can breed until the end of their lifespan, which is 20 game years. Breeding can be done in-stable by breeding an owner’s mare to his own stallion, or can be done publicly by breeding a mare to a stallion listed on the public stallions page. Stallion owners may set and adjust their stud fees and may list the stallion publicly or reserve the stallion for particular stables. When stallions are listed publicly, they are available on a first-come first-served basis. Breeding your mare and stallion will cost you 7K (game credits) and Breeding outside one stable will cost you 7K (game credits) + stud and/or mare fees. While horses may be bred any time, all horses will age one year on the first day of each new season, namely on the 1st day of January, May, and September.Racing – When you’ve bred or purchased your horse and trained them it will soon be time to race them. Digitaldowns.us offers a wide variety of races based on american racing.

How to – To enter your horse in a race click on your horse from your main stable page and then click the “Nominate” button on the left menu. You will be taken to a racing calendar where you can click on a date and all the races available, on that date, for your horse will be listed. Choose a race that best suits your horse and you’re ready to go racing. There are several different types of races to choose from. There are claiming races, allowance races, handicap races, stakes races, and special event races. The restrictions of the races will be listed on each race. The purse and nomination fee for the race will also be listed. Also there must be a minimum of 3 entries before any race will be carded. The purse will be made up of 90% of the total entry fees plus any added monies. After reviewing the player purse suggestions we have come up with a purse structure that will insure a profit for 2nd place in all races of 3 or more and with 3rd place showing a profit in races of 6 or more.

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