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Taban MD Oculoplastic Surgery - Beverly Hills

Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban is a board-certified oculoplastic surgeon (cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid plastic surgeon) based in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Taban performs facial and eyelid reconstruction procedures, cosmetic/aesthetic facial eyelid procedures, and injectables along with orbital and lacrimal surgery.

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Your eyes are the window to your soul.” It is the most important noticeable feature of someone’s face. The eyes and surrounding structures go through aging changes throughout life, worsened by sun exposure. The changes include loss of elasticity, skin stretching, sagging, fat redistribution, and pigmentation changes. There can be puffy or excess skin in the upper eyelids, causing the upper eyelid platform (where makeup is placed) to get covered and also giving older and tired appearance.

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty involves removing excess loose skin (and sometimes fat) from the upper eyelids, giving the eyes more youthful appearance with more visible eyelid platform. Upper blepharoplasty may be combined with upper eyelid ptosis surgery and brow lifting as each can contribute to “heavy” “droopy” upper eyelid area.

The tearing system is both simple and complex. The tear film is composed of many different critical components, each made by a different eyelid gland/structure. It is designed to coat the eyeball, protecting the eyeball and essential for vision (by light refraction). A smooth tear film not only depends on the tear glands but also on the tear drainage system, which consists of the eyelids and tear drainage duct system. If there is any disturbance of the tear film, patients can experience blurry vision, irritation, and tearing.

Patients who experience tearing, or epiphora, either have a problem with tear production or tear drainage, including dry eyes, blepharitis, eyelid malposition (ectropion, entropion, eyelid retraction), nasolacrimal duct(tear duct) obstruction (congenital and acquired).

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