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National Tool Leasing LLC is based in Sterling, Virginia. Our mission is to help business of all sizes. We have brought together decades of expertise in rental, aviation, fire & rescue, and hazardous location operations to provide industry with a partner that will enable them to accomplish things they could not on their own. Our global reach ensures your jobsite is always accessible. Please use the following to contact us: Mail Correspondence: National Tool Leasing, LLC 45969 Nokes Boulevard #120 Sterling, VA 20166 USA All Departments by Telephone: (866)952-8665 Fax: (866)682-1525 Departments by email: Accounting: accounts@nationaltoolleasing.com Billing: billing@nationaltoolleasing.com  Orders: orders@nationaltoolleasing.com General Information: info@nationaltoolleasing.com .

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Maximum head pressures that a pipe plug may hold back can only be estimated. Pressures are influenced by many factors including fluid and debris in the pipeline, type and condition of pipe, tightness of plug seal, and temperature. Plugs should always be inserted fully into pipeline and should be mechanically blocked when slippage could cause property damage or injury. NEVER use a test pressure greater than the capacity of the weakest pipe or component in the system. NEVER use a mechanical plug when its failure could cause injury or catastrophic damage.

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All SAVA inflatable pipe plugs are manufactured in Slovenia. SAVA is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of advanced rubber products.SAVA Bypass pipe plugs are molded of special NR-SBR rubber, reinforced with Kevlar tire cording. All pipe plugs are test-designed at three times their working pressure (required inflation pressure) to ensure durability and safety.

Their light weight and short length make these tough pipe plugs easy to maneuver and install. These special bypass pipe plugs can be used in any application that a regular blocking pipe plug can, but gives you the added capability of removing the bypass cap to allow for flow-through testing.

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