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Lifeworks Recovery provides certified addiction therapists in Dallas, TX. See how our addiction treatment facilities can help reclaim your life.

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Dallas sex therapy and sexual addiction experts, we are specially trained to treat and understand codependency and coaddiction, as well as sex addiction, love addiction, and other process addictions -- which are unhealthy relationships with mood altering behaviors. The behaviors and obsession that goes with them are primarily repression mechansisms for unresolved grief, sorrow, and loss.

These early and often still present pains were often experienced in our first "group experience", our family of origin.Often the feelings, beliefs, and thinking that drive unhealthy behavior are outside of our awareness, even though they are obvious to others. This is where groups come in. Our Dallas sex addiction groups help individuals from all walks of life overcome their addictions.

Our sex addiction, love addiction and partners of sex addicts groups provide integral pieces of recovery and healing that can't be obtained in other ways, such as individual therapy or 12-step groups alone. These therapist led groups are intended to be part of a robust recovery plan that includes 12-step work, individual therapy, couples therapy and groups, and medication management.

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It isn't just the addict, alcoholic or drug addict that is affected and needs help. The spouses and children of the addict are naturally and deeply affected. They often experience trauma, betrayal, abandonment, and abuse. It is common for family members to feel alone and neglected as the addict gets help. Lifeworks Recovery's counselors are trained to understand the partner’s and children's needs, and to identify and treat coexisting issues of trauma and neglect.

New Foundations is a 14 week psychoeducational and experiential group for couples beginning their recovery journey. This group introduces couples to the concepts of addiction, the addiction model, and how addcition is a disease of a family system and what that means to the process of recovery and healing.

This group is for people who are searching for healing from sexual addiction, cybersex addiction, porn addiction, love addiction, sexual anorexia, and sexual codependence. The group consists of two 90 minute sessions, the first part pertaining to education, through lectures, videos, invited speakers, role playing and question and answers.

The second part of the program is a therapy group, divided into the needs of the participants and co-facilitated by addiction professionals. Each partner and addict group will focus on the various beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are causing them comcern and driving their addictive and coaddictive behaviors.

Life Works Recovery brings many years of experience with sex addiction and coaddiction to the process, and utilizes Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT's) and other experienced addiction professionals. This is the first program in the Dallas area of it's kind, emphasizing the treatment of sex addicts and their partners in one task-centered model.

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