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Solar Compared is a UK green energy website focusing on helping consumers find the best price and value solar panel installers in their area. With a number of services and features designed to inform and educate about solar panels, their costs, and their benefits, as well as info & fun games.

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Cutting down on fuel and coal based electricity usage by providing some of your own power with solar means cutting your carbon footprint. Some companies provide 20% or more of their own power with solar, which can help a great deal in terms of your carbon footprint. A rough comparison could place the carbon footprint of solar (including the production of the solar panels, installation, mining materials, etc.) at some 1/10th of that of fossil fuels or coal. Even with a small solar panel system producing under 4kw, you could still save over 40 tonnes of co2 emissions over 25 years.

Eco Friendly and green energy initiatives are good for the planet, so they make your business look good to consumers. In fact, many businesses use a reduced carbon footprint as part of their ad campaign.

etting up photovoltaic panels on your rooftop doesn’t have to mean installing a huge system. Commercial solar panels start with 4kw systems, and go all the way up to 50kw and higher, allowing you to spend as much as you want to produce the amount of power you want.

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The UK is home to over 4.9 million private sector businesses, who collectively own more than a quarter million hectares of south facing rooftops. While commercial solar panels are not as popular in the UK as they are in continental Europe, where commercial rooftop panels make up 1/3rd of all solar installations, they do represent a huge opportunity for businesses who want to provide some of their own energy with PV power.

Many companies in the UK have already taken steps to install renewables like solar panels on their rooftops and property, so that they can reduce their carbon footprint, save on energy, benefit from the Feed in Tariff, and benefit the ecology with eco friendly power. If you’re trying to decide whether commercial solar panels are right for your business, the following information should help with your decision.

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