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Dairy Cooling Solutions, a division of Eurotec was established to supply solutions to the Dairy Sectors milk cooling technology challenges, improving efficiency and milk quality on the farm.Eurotec are proud to be appointed the New Zealand distributor for Packo Inox, a leading European manufacturer of Dairy Cooling products. Packo is considered a pioneer in the field of milk cooling and is the oldest milk cooling tank manufacturer in the world.

For over 20 years, Packo’s presence in Australia has resulted in over 1500 new Packo milk cooling tanks installed on farms - and now available to NZ farmers through Dairy Cooling Solutions.Packo is an innovative manufacturer of stainless steel components and installation for hygiene sensitive applications and processes. You can count on more than 50 years’ experience in the food and dairy industry and the pharmaceutical sector.

Producing clean hygienic milk is only part of the equation for successful milk production. Once produced, milk must be chilled rapidly and stored correctly. The Packo range of cooling equipment delivers the vital fast, efficient temperature drop required and keeps the milk at optimum storage conditions ready for collection. Once cooled, technology is available to allow monitoring of the whole process and provide the traceability required by many of today’s milk buyers.

Tanks available use either the direct expansion or ice water method of cooling - the most effective method. Chillers, heat exchange units, pasteurisers and cheese vessels complete the range of energy efficient equipment designed by the factory at Zedelgem, Belgium and manufactured both there and at factories in Ireland and China.

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The Packo tubular cooler is the best solution for pre-cooling the milk! The milk is pre-cooled very rapidly with well water to a temperature of about 20 °C. This can lead to an energy saving of up to 50 % when cooling further down to 4 °C.

The Packo Ice Builder is the result of many years of experience in cooling liquids for the dairy and food industry. The PIB is the heart of the DIB system, it builds up an ice reserve with which it can make a large amount of ice water at zero degrees.

The PIB is constructed of thick stainless steel plates (AISI 304) for a long lifetime. Environmental friendly PU-foam is injected between the interior and exterior housing for insulation. The insulation has a thickness of 50 mm to ensure a completely vapour-tight construction. This prevents thermal losses and improves low energy consumption.

The standard PIB is supplied with a powerful pump that transports the ice waterthrough the heat exchanger in the DIB tank. A rapid cooling, without the risk of freezing, of your valuable milk is ensured. Bacteria don’t stand a chance! Possible options include an extra ice water pump for instant cooling and a time clock for the use of cheaper night-rate electricity.

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The ice water, coming from a separate ice builder, flows through this heat exchanger ensuring rapid milk cooling. Ice water cooling has been used for many years in dairy farms and collection centres because it can cool large amounts of milk in a very short time. Ice water, used in combination with the tubular or plate heat exchanger, brings the milk under the critical temperature of 10 °C before it even reaches the tank. What’s more, combining the heat exchanger with well or mains water supply can lead to an energy saving of up to 50%.

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