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6 Broad Street , Brockville- K6V4T7
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Aquatarium - Brockville

At the Aquatarium, we believe that learning can be as entertaining as it is educational. We offer a variety of interactive adventures and experiences that inspire critical thinking through storytelling and play while cultivating an appreciation of the unique history, culture and ecosystems of the 1000 Islands of Ontario region. Discover the diverse wildlife of the islands, explore the area’s unique history and culture, learn about the economics of the St. Lawrence River, and get your body moving in our recreational experiences. From hands-on explorations of nautical science to first-hand encounters with native wildlife, the Aquatarium invites you to join a passionate conversation about the world around us while providing a uniquely educational and wholly entertaining experience.

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In the Theatre, Aquatarium adventurers can take a break and relax while enjoying high-definition video feeds from dive boats, the rigging of ships, and unique perspectives on aquatic life in its natural state.

The Theatre isn’t just for exploring attractions in the 1000 Islands! It is a truly multi-purpose room that can be customized and reorganized for a range of events. Formal dinners, children’s “on the floor” sleepovers, conferences, corporate meetings and even weddings can be hosted here. The walls of the theatre fold away to accommodate up to 250 people, and areas can be partitioned off with individual screens to host multiple events at the same time. The telescope-style seating and the angle of the screens ensure that everyone gets a good view!

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River otters, those wily little web-footed members of the weasel family, thrive in a variety of ecosystems and are often seen gleefully careening down the muddy banks of the mighty St. Lawrence River before splashing delightedly into the currents in search of a tasty snack from the river’s bounty.

Our furry little friends invite you to take a step out of the ordinary and explore the 1000 Islands and Ontario from their point of view. These aquatic denizens will keep you captivated as they swim and play throughout the massive glass-enclosed river habitat, complete with a rushing waterfall for the otters to delight in as they put on a show without even realizing it. View the entire immersive experience from our central Gazebo, perfectly positioned to give you a front row seat to the otters’ spectacular show.

Found throughout North America, river otters are a vital part of the St. Lawrence River’s ecosystem, helping to regulate the population of fish, amphibians, and rodents. The characteristic “pop” out of the water of the river otter’s head is one of the most surprising and delightful sights you’ll see on your travels throughout the 1000 Islands and beyond.

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