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First Floor No. 12 Yousongyoulian Road Longhua Street , Shenzhen- 518019
Guangdong , China  China
+86 15989326996
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Shenzhen Diwei Machinery Co., Ltd - Shenzhen

Diweitrack is a manufacturer and exporter of GPS Trackers, Vehicle Tracking Devices. We also offer mature GPS Tracking Solutions including vehicle tracking, personal security, and fleet management. As a professional manufacturer, "ongoing innovation and improvement" is our business spirit. We always listen to our customers' demands and provide good and reliable products and services. For more visit: http://www.diweitrack.com

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OBD, is an automotive term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. OBD systems give the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of the various vehicle sub-systems. The amount of diagnostic information available via OBD has varied widely since its introduction in the early 1980s versions of on-board vehicle computers.

We use innovation technology and best quality standards in manufacturing each of our products to offer you reliable services. We design our products to offer you simple solutions to your requirements. If you just need easy vehicle monitoring system, you can choose our simple plug and play OBD GPS tracker that saves data up to 500 hours; and for your comprehensive needs with real time vehicle monitoring, you can choose our smallest, cheap gps tracker for car and the best TK116 that gives you accurate vehicle location in real time with temperature and fuel alarm.

Vehicle tracking solutions with us is simple and affordable. Just have a look at our great range of products listed below. Click on the product of your choice to know its full details. If you need further assistance in selection of the perfect GPS tracking system, you can either send us a message or call us on our sales & support number.

Product and Services

Water proof level IP67 vehicle tracker for fleet management market, gps and glonass dual mode for your choice. Multi-function support: ACC checking, G-sensor,Vibration, collision and falling alarm, Extend I/O port to add extension function.

TK119 waterproof GPS/Glonass Vehicle tracker have a very wide range of industrial and civil applications, is a powerful GPS/glonass locator, 7-72 – v voltage range, suitable for all vehicle, cars, motorcycles, etc., the remote location, cutting oil, remote mobile phone, computer checking their position at any time. At the same time also has the remote power cut-off, ACC detection, waterproof, and other functions.

Typical application industry are: logistics enterprises, the management team, the bus management, insurance companies, power companies, oil companies, telecommunications companies, taxi companies, car sales, car rental company scale, less-than-one carload leasing companies, auto car drives, small and medium-sized enterprise team, vehicle maintenance and repair personnel, automotive technology researchers, individual owners.

Uses Cellular and GPS Technology - Designed to be used in conjunction with cell towers and GPS satellites, all you will need to operate this simple beauty is a pre-paid SIM card. The diweitrack uses up to 32 satellite channels and cellular towers for accuracy within 10 feet.Multiple Tracking Modes - You have the option of setting your diweitrack to report its location as often as every 10 seconds or any duration Minute, Hour, Day - it depends on how often you want the diweitrack to report its precise location. You can also use the On Demand tracking feature - the diweitrack only reports its location when prompted - to extend battery life.

Geo-Fencing - Have a wiley teenager? You can pre-set a Geo-fence zone to alert you every time Timmy the Teenager goes outside a specified zone - Timmy will never be able to go to the wrong side of tracks without your knowledge. Zones can be as big or as small as you want them to be - you decide what is "off-limits".

Built-in Cellular Components - Unit comes with with all the cellular components that you need built internally, all you need is a SIM card. No bulky cell adapters are necessary.

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