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9526 81st Street , Clairmont- T8X0M2
Alberta , Canada  Canada
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Heat Oilfield - Clairmont

Specialized in supplying Oil and Gas Rental Equipment on a reasonable rates. Our mission is to offer high quality well testing equipment.

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Oil and gas companies play a significant role in the economy. For instance, the demand and supply for products are driven by the price of oil and gas. These oil and gas companies use many different equipment and machinery for their successful and continuous operation. This article will discuss dual stage manifolds.

Dual stage manifolds in engineering, it works like a switchboard because it allows the operators to control the amount of fluid that flows within the hydraulic machine. This manifold is typically connected to a lever that allows the operator to achieve the desired behavior of the manifold.

A manifold is also made up of different types of valves connected to one another. The combination of these valves allows full control of the manifold. These valves play an important role in order for the manifold to function according to its purpose, and can achieve isolation if needed.

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In oilfield terminology, separators are pressure vessels are used to separate fluid processed into liquid and gaseous components and produced from gas and oil wells. For instance, a separator for the production of petroleum is a large vessel that is designed to separate the gas, oil and water.

Oil has three different components and they have different densities—water at the bottom, gas on top and oil in the middle. Any other solid will settle at the very bottom. Separators work in such as way that these components are allowed to move slowly and separately from one another. High pressure separators operate in pressures as high as 2000 psi while others operate in much lower numbers, such as 200 psi.

These separators are very useful in keeping our ecosystem away from pollution. They efficiently help remove grease and hydrocarbons from waste water and they are usually used in commercial and industrial application. Correctly designed equipment functions as an efficient system that treats oil and ensures that waste water follows the common discharge standards.

High pressure separators use different types of technology such as hydrocyclone, VGS and other solutions useful for below-the-ground operations. The right technology to use depends on the needs of the business as well as the intensity and quality of generated waste. Some factors to consider are oil concentrations and flow rates among many others. Of course, they must all be approved by legal authorities.

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