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P.O. Box 1071 , Snyder- 79550
Texas , United States  United States
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Chemplex - Solvay Group - Snyder

The Group is firmly committed to sustainable development and focused on innovation and operational excellence. Solvay serves diversified markets such as consumer goods, construction, automotive, energy, water & environment and electronics, generating 90% of its turnover in activities where it is one of the top three worldwide.

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Safety is the primary duty of each Chemplex team member. Chemplex focuses not only on work place safety, but the safety of our customers and the environment as a whole. We employ a dedicated Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) team and erudite Research and Development (R&D) team committed to maintaining a safe workplace, complying with recognized health and safety standards and regulations, and striving to minimize the environmental impact of our products.

Oil well cements are called on to perform several functions under a wide range of conditions. The same cement crew may be called out for a surface pipe job at 60°F circulating temperature at 2:30 am and a squeeze at 310°F that same afternoon. Any single cement, alone, cannot possibly fill the requirements for both of these jobs. However, with the proper choice of additives to change the properties of cement slurries, one or at most two basic cements can be modified to do almost any oilfield job.

Chemplex stocks a variety of the more commonly used types of additives and has the expertise to formulate and supply more specialized products as well. The following descriptions of the types of cement additives and the typical performance that can be expected from Chemplex additives are intended only as a guide for the user. We strongly advise laboratory testing of cement slurries prepared with anyone's additives, particularly at higher temperatures.

Various classes, brands, and even batches of oilwell cement can respond very differently to many additives, and so the test results reported for individual products will not necessarily be reproduced by any currently available cement.

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oilfield chemical solutions, Oil field cementing, hydraulic fracturing

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