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13160 Mindanao Way Suite 300 , Marina del Rey- 90292
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Los Angeles Spine Group - Marina del Rey

The Los Angeles Spine Group is dedicated to providing the very best spinal service in LA. With the best orthopedic surgeons and state of the art equipment, Dr. Khurana and his team offer treatment for degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and more.

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The human spine is made up of a series of bones (vertebrae) and sponge-like discs that function as cushions to support the vertebrae. Discs have a hard outer structure that protects the softer, jelly-like material and fluid in the interior. When fluid from inside a disc leaks through as a result of strain or injury, it can result in pain, numbness and weakness in the arm, leg, feet, or shoulders depending on where the disc is located. Also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, herniated discs rarely require surgery and can sometimes be asymptomatic (meaning the patient does not experience pain or noticeable symptoms). A herniated disc can also affect nearby nerves, resulting in pain and numbness.

The most common disc injuries occur in the lower back (lumbar region) with pain typically occurring in the thighs, calves, or buttocks. However they can also occur in the neck (cervical region) with the accompanying pain occurring in the arms and shoulders.

A shooting or “stabbing” pain during certain motions is the most common symptom of spinal instability. Sufferers of the condition may also experience spasms or “locking” of the back. When the vertebrae slide or rotate, the surrounding nerves are affected, sometimes leading to pain in the back and legs.

A consultation with a knowledgeable orthopedic doctor who is familiar with the unique characteristics of scoliosis would offer the best medical expertise and solution. Scoliosis (adult and pediatric) is a specialty of Dr. Sanjay Khurana at Los Angeles Spine Group, and numerous patients have resumed active lifestyles and mobility with his help. Dr. Khurana has access to the most advanced diagnostic and treatment resources from his state of the art facility, and with his experience, has helped patients benefit from various spine disorders and back conditions.

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