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235 Manukau Rd Epsom , Auckland- 1023
Auckland , New Zealand  New Zealand
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Ranfurly Dental - Auckland

Ranfurly Dental Care in Epsom was founded by the husband and wife team of Paul Posa and Duchesne Hall in 1991. They both graduated from Otago University in 1986 and brieflĀ­y worked as assistant dentists in Auckland practices before establishing Ranfurly Dental Care. Over the years, they have gathered a strong team around them.

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A dental implant is a metal structure (usually titanium) which takes the place of the natural tooth root. An artificial crown can be attached to the implant to replace a missing tooth. A major advantage of an implant is that no preparation of the teeth either side of the missing tooth/teeth is required.

If a number of teeth are missing, more than one implant will likely be needed to support a bridge or denture.The implant is placed into the jaw bone where the tooth has been lost. It generally takes a few months until the bone integrates with the surface of the implant - then the artificial tooth can be attached to the implant.

A bridge is an artificial tooth (pontic), which is supported by adjacent natural teeth (abutment teeth) or implants.

Most often, the teeth either side of the gap are prepared for full artificial crowns and the pontic tooth is joined to each crown so the bridge is placed in one piece. This is termed a fixed 3 unit bridge.

This is an excellent choice in situations where the natural teeth either side of the gap could benefit from being crowned (teeth may already have large fillings and weakened tooth structure that would be better protected by an artificial crown)

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Gingivitis is inflammation which ONLY affects the gum tissue surrounding the necks of the teeth. (not the ligament or bone).The gum tissue may appear swollen and red, and bleed easily during brushing or flossing. It is usually painless, and may be associated with bad breath.

Periodontitis is inflammation which gradually destroys the ligament and the bone surrounding the teeth. When the ligament breaks down and the gum tissue pulls away from the teeth, pockets develop around the teeth that deepen over time. As the disease progresses, more ligament and bone are destroyed. In advanced stages, teeth become loose or may fall out.

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