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15278 W. Bell Rd. #114 , Surprise- 85374
Arizona , United States  United States
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Align Chiropractic & Massage – Surprise - Surprise

Align Chiropractic & Massage in Surprise can help with back pain, neck pain, auto injuries, numbness, headaches and more. We offer medical and chiropractic solutions to create long-term results. After attending graduate school at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, CA, Dr. Hawkins moved back to Phoenix to provide excellent Chiropractic care to help his patients discover a healthy, functional, and pain-free life.Many people suffer needlessly and never know that a Phoenix Chiropractor is around the corner that can help. We want to be your Phoenix, AZ Chiropractor, we want to help you. Headaches, neck and back pain are not a normal process of aging. You may have a bad internal framework in your spine. But how would you know about your structure without visiting a Chiropractor? We perform a comprehensive evaluation to find out what your bio-mechanical and structural limitations are, and find ways to fix them if you are a candidate for treatment by a Chiropractor. We see many patients concerning headaches. Some patients have been experiencing these headaches for years that have been affecting their daily activities. If you suffer from headaches there is no reason you have to wait any longer for the care you deserve. Call us to schedule your consultation and examination and find out how a chiropractor can bring relief to your symptoms.Neck pain can be caused from anything including past history of accidents and trauma to just waking up and feeling like something just does not feel right. When you visit a Phoenix Chiropractor you should expect to be treated with the best methods possible after a detailed physical examination. A good Phoenix Chiropractor will be one that can explain in detail what your condition consists of and how to treat it safely and effectively which is exactly the way we practice. Patients in Arizona who seek a Phoenix Chiropractor for the treatment of low back pain usually are looking for a clinic that is friendly, affordable, and provides excellent treatment with excellent results. Here at Align Chiropractic & Massage, we care about our patients. We listen and provide productive solutions to our patients. Our patients are very happy to have us as their Phoenix chiropractor based upon their testimonials.If you suffer from numbness or tingly sensations in your extremities be assured that you will get the best possible care. We will find the cause of the problem and give you the best treatment options available that are non-surgical and very effective. We can order CT scans, MRIs, as well as other special tests to determine your best outcome. If you are looking for a great Phoenix Chiropractor, look no further. We will take the time to listen to you and address your concerns. Basically, we are here to serve you. Call us today and schedule your appointment for an examination and consultation with our Phoenix Chiropractor and experience a pain free and functional life once again.Dr. Jason Hawkins | Phoenix Chiropractor | Phone: (623) 229-6193 When you walk in, our office manager Amber, will greet you with a big smile and have you sign in. If you are a new patient, Amber will have you fill out papers explaining your current condition you are experiencing. If you are an existing patient, we start your therapies immediately since your time is valuable and we care about your positive experience in our office. We take the time to explain everything first. Your visit will consists of a thorough consultation, physical examination, postural analysis, and possible X-Rays if needed. For those interested, we also offer a digital foot orthotics scan. The reason why we are so thorough and extensive with our examinations is that we want to get all the facts of your past physical health, your physical abilities, and find reasons for your physical discomforts so that we may take the appropriate steps and correct your condition safely and effectively. We also take x-rays to help identify problem areas that may be the cause or adding to your condition. You might be wondering why we are focused on your feet by providing an orthotics exam, it is not to treat foot or ankle pain. Your feet create the foundation for your spine. So if we can correct your imbalances in your feet, then it will add to preventing further njury by balancing out your spine. We will explain the results of your X-rays (if taken), physical exam, foot orthotics scan, and postural analysis to recommend treatment options and help you become functional and pain free. We really take the time needed to help you understand why you need the therapies and how everything will be performed so you have complete confidence and feel very comfortable

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We take the time to explain everything first. Your visit will consists of a thorough consultation, physical examination, postural analysis, and possible X-Rays if needed. For those interested, we also offer a digital foot orthotics scan.Experiencing left leg numbness – I was worried for 3 weeks it wouldn’t go away. My doctor took X-rays and referred me to Dr. Hawkins. I am so excited – this is my 3rd visit and I feel awesome! The exercises and Chiropractic care were exactly what was needed. Great office, nice staff, in and out quickly and efficiently, but not hurried. Answered all my questions and helped with additional vitamin therapy.

I just moved here from PA 4 months ago. Riding involves bumpy roads & helmets that can sometimes cause painful necks & headaches. After settling in to a new home and job it was time to find a new Chiropractor to take care of my painful – very hard to turn neck and headaches. Headaches that had taken me straight to Urgent Care for a Rx for Vicodin for my now migraines. I found Align Chiropractic and Dr. Hawkins where I find most everything else I need to research – on the Internet. My first appointment with Dr. Hawkins was a thorough exam, education, and plan of care centered around my pain control & relief – without meds – my preferred treatment plan. After my first treatment my pain was at least 50% decreased from when I entered his office. By the second adjustment my pain was down to at least 75% of the original. Today I go for treatment #3, I am now headache free, can turn my head & look up and down without pain. Plus, I don’t even need Tylenol or Aleve anymore. Thanks Dr. Hawkins, I’m glad I found you!!

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If your spine has lost its normal shape the discs between the bones may have already started to decay. When the spine has lost its curved shape, the discs are compressed and rich lubricating fluid is unable to penetrate.

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