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StudyWhiz® for iPad is a 21st century interactive study aid for 7th through 12th graders that will provide a breath of fresh air to struggling students who want to improve their grades.Organizing and Prioritizing Study Materials
Stop wasting time and energy on irrelevant materials or concepts you already understand, and focus on the essentials. StudyWhiz helps you accomplish this task by providing:
    Study Note Cards
    Study Briefs
    Flow Charts
    Timeline Creators
    Customizable Study Guides
    Graphic Organizers
    Periodic Reminders of “Need to Study” Content
    Self-Test Templates
    And Much More
 The Seven StudyWhiz Mindframes
StudyWhiz provides the platform and support students need in order to take control of their learning experience and develop a customized and effective study strategy. Learners are guided through seven different mindframes in order to reach their goal.

1. Previewing – Gaining a large scale perspective of the materials

2. Naming – Understanding definitions, characteristics, and key concepts

3. Connecting – Discovering and illustrating the links connecting different ideas

4. Recapping – Revisiting materials that require extra time and attention

5. Constructing – Applying the knowledge you have gained

6. Self Testing – Completing a self test to gain confidence in your skills

7. Reflecting – Using emotion to make your learning experience more memorable
Creating Your Own Personalized Study Guide for Any Subject
The StudyWhiz app also contains a Study Guide Builder tab. All of the text, photos, illustrations, and graphics that you have created and customized throughout the mindframes will be saved here. The study guide can be accessed and modified at any time from your iPad screen. You also have the option of printing or emailing your guide if you would like to share your work.A Study Aid That Adapts to Unique Learning Styles
Each individual student has a unique way of processing information. StudyWhiz enables these learners to take control of the studying experience, and develop their own personal plan for organizing and prioritizing information. Once the student has developed a strategy that works, it is then possible to apply these methods to future educational challenges. The app simply provides the framework and resources necessary to discover the optimal learning style.
Making Information Memorable and Understandable
By encouraging students to make connections and apply the knowledge they have acquired, the app is able to teach students how to find meaning within the information. Once you understand the materials instead of simply knowing the content, it becomes easier to recall and apply the knowledge to any situation. There are many ways in which StudyWhiz makes learning more memorable:
    Students are encouraged to add personalized notes and definitions
    Images and illustrations can be uploaded that stimulate and engage the brain
    Text and graphics are used to create visual connections between different concepts
    Recapping sessions are customized to focus on information that is not yet understood
    Students are taught to explore the emotions they associate with the materials while reflecting upon the learning experience
How is the StudyWhiz App Able to Unlock Your Learning Potential?
StudyWhiz teaches students sophisticated study habits that utilize executive function. Executive function refers to mental processes that connect past experiences with present actions. By learning these processes, students are better able to plan, organize, prioritize, memorize, and transform material into meaning. StudyWhiz is able to instill these skills in numerous ways, including:
    Taking the guesswork out of what to study and which material is most important
    Helping learners to actively organize content in ways that facilitate memorable engagement
    Providing instant access to Internet learning resources
    Encouraging students to organize and express their understanding of the content in a personal fashion
    Assisting students as they identify important connections and patterns
    Monitoring progress, constructing self-tests, and providing feedback

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Dr. Clif St. Germain has spent three decades helping schools and other organizations design learning environments that maximize individual potential. He received his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Texas at Austin, served as principal in two model schools, and now works as an author, lecturer, consultant, and director of The Center for Academic Excellence in Mandeville, Louisiana. Clif also designs learning materials for struggling students and helps organizations create programs that improve learner performance. He consults with schools districts and business leaders across the country to promote learning, leadership, and personal development. His book, Learning Places: A Field Guide for Improving the Context of Schooling, co-authored with Michael Fullan, offers a practical approach to school improvement that is grounded in knowledge sharing, collective inquiry and a focus on school-wide learning results.

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StudyWhiz is an interactive study aid for 7th through 12th graders - available for the iPad - that will provide a breath of fresh air to struggling students everywhere. All too often, students will study for hours upon hours, only to continue to receive poor grades.

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