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American Pain Treatment - Ypsilanti

American Pain Treatment was created for you, someone suffering from chronic pain. We understand that your pain is unique, and you need a solution that addresses your individual pain circumstances and challenges.

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Chronic pain takes a toll on both your body and your mind. When your current chronic pain treatment isn’t working, it feels as though the pain overshadows every area of your life. It’s tough to work, enjoy time with family, and pursue your favorite activities when you’re in constant pain. Even though they have the best of intentions, your loved ones don’t always understand what you’re going through.

Instead of staying with treatments that aren’t getting results, schedule a consultation with American Pain Treatment. Our clinic focuses exclusively on pain treatment and management, and we never give up on finding the right pain treatment options for you. We also pair you with a dedicated, caring treatment navigator who supports you throughout the treatment process. You’re in control of every aspect of your treatment for chronic pain, and you have a wide range of treatment alternatives.

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If you’re like many people who need chronic pain treatment, you’ve likely delayed looking for a pain management clinic for help with your symptoms. In fact, by the time most people start looking, they’re already missing work or skipping activities that they love.

At our center for pain management, we realize that people who have chronic pain often look fine on the outside even when they’re dealing with intense and distracting pain. Because there’s no external sign of injury or illness, they second guess what they’re feeling. Since pain won’t be visible on the outside, it doesn’t look like an urgent problem. Family, co-workers, and friends don’t see physical signs of pain, so they may not urge you to visit a pain management center.

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