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No matter whatever legal need you may have, Carl Edwards Solicitor is the law firm to get in touch with. We offer a wide range of services including appeals, sex offenses, family law, drug driving offences, drug charges, drink driving, assault charges, domestic violence, public nuisance offenses, drug driving offenses and many more. We are a well-established legal defence firm located in Tweed Heads (NSW). We have represented people from all walks of life and are exceptionally experienced when it comes to dealing with sensitive issues and strives to get the best results for all of his customers at an affordable price. Call us today!

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A quick look at section 6 of the Summary Offences Act 2005 reveals that just one of the vague types of conduct falling into the category of public nuisance is called “disorderly conduct”. Now, according to the case of Coleman v Power [2004] HCA 39 “disorderly conduct” means behaviour which is likely to cause a disturbance, or annoy, or insult others sufficiently deeply or seriously to warrant the interference of the criminal law.

But obviously whether one type of conduct or another fits that description is open to interpretation. What annoys or insults one person might not annoy or insult another. And that can present real problems for anyone charged with public nuisance – particularly if alcohol is alleged to have been involved.

But you might ask yourself, why is this type of wide definition such a problem. Well, in 2008 the Crime and Misconduct Commission conducted a review of all sentences imposed on offenders convicted of public nuisance and concluded, amongst other things, that just over half of them ended up with a conviction recorded against their names. The effect of such a result is that all of the aspirations you had as a university student or apprentice evaporate.

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In New South Wales an appeal from the severity of a sentence imposed or conviction in the Local Court must be heard in the District Court. The appeal document must be filed within 28 days of the sentence being imposed. And for appeals against severity of sentence the hearing will effectively be a fresh plea in mitigation before the District Court judge. But for appeals against conviction the District Court will review the transcript of what occurred in the Local Court and determine if what occurred there was lawful.

One of the most common forms of fraud which finds its way into the criminal courts is receiving Centrelink benefits in circumstances where the benefit was obtained by dishonesty, for example:Job search allowance paid to someone who has full-time employment.Single parent benefit paid to someone residing with a spouse who contributes financially to the household expenses.

Unfortunately though, people just don’t realise how seriously courts treat this type of offence. If the period over which the benefit was dishonestly received is substantial and the amount taken significant, then jail becomes the most likely sentencing option for a court. This is where a very carefully constructed and delivered plea in mitigation by a seasoned criminal lawyer might save you from serving a term of imprisonment.

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