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Doughcloyne Indutrial Estate Sarsfield Road , Wilton- 000111
Cork , Ireland  Ireland
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Eye Kyu Driving School - Wilton

I teach learner drivers enough to understand the government’s twelve essential driver-training steps so they pass and know how to drive home safely every night. Call now for your driving lessons.

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Officially speaking, EDT means ‘essential driver training’ which is government slang for ‘as little as we can get away with’ similar to the state of our country lanes and the quality of our rural schools. My period qualifying for my driver theory, practical driving and instructional ability tests taught me that if I want to do this properly I have to take things to heart. I may be a rebel, but I know what’s right.

So what to do about this? I realised what teens need in Limerick is Extra Dense Training by which I mean going into greater detail as why the rules of the road are there, what the reason is for road signs, how come you need a basic understanding of the mechanics of a motor car, and what happens if you drive a dumb way. I figure I am not the only person in Limerick who believes in doing what is right. So my method is to convince teens to drive sensibly using logic (as opposed to saying do it this way if you want a driver licence.

My first 8 steps include the RSA syllabus with major inputs from the RSA School of Motoring system. This takes students way beyond what they need to get a driver licence, and deep into how to stay safe on Irish roads. It includes making sure the vehicle is good to go under all possible conditions, the principles of correct lane navigation, how to change direction on a quiet road and what the correct speed and following distance is.

Following that, it is time to expose my students to more challenging situations like Limerick rush hour traffic, and Saturday morning down at the shops. They learn that getting in the right lane demands anticipation of what lies ahead and reacting to what happens. As they adapt to driving safely by sharing the road they begin to focus on what My EyeKyu is all about. By this, I mean using your brain to do the right things, not just doing what the old folk want.

Driving safely with respect is a matter of picking up on new habits, not learning things off pat like definitions. Pretty much the same applies to writing exams at school and getting used to the latest computer game. Doing the Road Safety Authority’s driving licence test at Castlemungret Industrial Estate in Limerick (or any other testing station) is similar. After you do it, you look back at the things you know you would do better if there was a next time.

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