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Christie Lawyers is the law firm in Brisbane to get in touch with for all your legal case needs. We are a commercially minded firm built on relationships. Our practice areas include commercial & business law, employment law, civil disputes & litigation, workers compensation, criminal & traffic matters, wills & estates, unfair dismissal, property & conveyancing, etc. We’re not just a sounding board; we strive to provide clear and concise advice. We’re proactive, less ordinary and we put our client’s first. If you are looking for any such services, then get in touch with us today. Also, check our website to know more.

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Christie Lawyers can assist in both Commercial and Residential Property and Conveyancing matters.Virtually all Solicitors seek to hold out that they can provide a conveyancing service. The process is not as simple as it first appears and utilising the cheapest conveyancing service will often provide you with the cheapest level of service and scrutiny. You will get what you pay for in these transactions.

Christie Lawyers carefully considers all contracts for sales and seeks to maximise all possible returns for its clients. Our conveyancing matters are run by experienced staff and are always carefully reviewed by the Principal. If you are buying or selling, speak to us today.We assist in all aspects of purchasing, setting up, maintaining, winding down or the sale of businesses.

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The acceptance of a workers compensation claim is critical, not only for the loss of income, but also future medical expenses. It is not as simple as being injured at work, there are many factors that determine the success of a claim.

We have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of workers compensation, both physical and psychological (bullying and harassment) injury claims. We can assist in the application, through to a review of the decision to reject the application and if required, on appeal to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

We help you understand the full process of a workers compensation claim and we can provide ongoing assistance throughout. Our experience in workers compensation claims ensures that you get the best possible opportunity to be successful in your workers compensation claim. It is critical that your application for workers compensation is successful. If you have been injured at work, speak to us today.

Wills and Estates matters have a way of becoming big issues if not handled effectively from the beginning. The process of preparing and finalising a will does not take long. For the small financial outlay it could make a huge difference to your family when you’re gone. Christie Lawyers provides a simple and effective way to obtain a will throughout Brisbane and beyond.It is also important to revise your will when significant milestones in your life occur, such as marriage, the birth of children or the acquisition of real property.

You will be required to make some important decisions that affect what you leave behind, to who and also, who will be the Executor of the estate. An up to date will provides a safeguard and assistance in the distribution of your estate.It is also important to ensure the safe custody and storage of your will and Christie Lawyers can assist in the safe storage.

If a valid will has not been left, Christie Lawyers provides assistance in applying for Letters of Administration to the Supreme Court of Queensland. The Succession Act 1981 considers how an estate is to be distributed in these circumstances. The Supreme Court can appoint an Administrator to distribute the estate under the Succession Act.

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