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New York Fertility Institute - New York

Award Winning Private Fertility Clinic With Over 29 years helping people get pregnant through IVF & reproductive methods.Our contemporary health care system are a confusing maze to navigate, and pursuing your ideal of pregnancy inside the medical community can be complicated, discouraging, and quite often frightening.

The overriding philosophy behind ny Fertility Institute usually each of our clients is an individual with a distinctive set of circumstances and desires that provide various opportunities and challenges for treatment.

We're specialized in empowering every patient with the information to create her own decision and get a handle on her course of treatment through means of conception. Also hard cases or clients who may have been rejected for further therapy at other clinics are invited to pursue their options on Institute.

As Directors for the Institute, our company is very much thinking about working for you understand your choices. We have confidence in a personalized method of patient care, which include flexible appointments to meet your routine and an excellent staff of experts who will greet you by name whenever you see. We also offer our clients with our home phone numbers making sure that we possibly may be reached straight whenever you want minus the inconvenience of an answering solution.

We look forward to an initial conversation to begin with speaking about the most effective strategy for you, given the details of one's case, to possess a child. Please contact the office at (212) 734-5555 to create an appointment at your convenience.

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Many options are available to overcome infertility, depending upon the causes. Ovulation induction, where hormonal-based therapies are used to increase egg production and prompt ovulation, and operative procedures may be the first avenues of treatment.

Ovulation induction involves administration of medications (usually containing follicle stimulating hormone) to increase the number of follicles produced in a menstrual cycle, thereby increasing the efficiency of assisted reproductive technology procedures, or allowing anovulatory patients to achieve ovulation and pregnancy.

The success rates of the frozen embryo transfer depends upon a variety of factors, particularly maternal age and the number of embryos transferred. It is important to know that not all embryos will survive the freezing and thawing process though. About 90% of embryos survive cryopreservation, and this can sometimes impact the success rates of frozen embryo transfer. This makes it important to freeze and thaw a number of embryos when performing the frozen embryo transfer procedure.

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Couples and Individuals who are having trouble getting pregnant can meet with our doctors who can perform various fertility tests to diagnose infertility problems and recommend the appropriate course of fertility treatment.The first step in obtaining infertility therapy is Proper history taking followed by fertility testing. There are many reasons why couples or individuals have trouble conceiving, including; male and female factors.

Male factors such as low sperm volume, low sperm count, low sperm motility and more importantly poor sperm morphology. Male erectile dysfunction, male hormonal imbalance, Infectious disease, genetic factors and abnormalities in reproductive organs and varicocele may be the contributing factors in male infertility

Female contributing factor may include; Hormonal imbalance, lack of proper ovulation, anatomical anomalies, uterine factors, immunological deficiencies, endometriosis and infection diseases, biological aging and genetic factors.

Only comprehensive fertility testing can isolate the problem and allow our doctors to suggest appropriate courses of treatment.Many of the causes of female infertility are treatable, however, they are far more complex than male infertility. One of the most prevalent situations that would result in infertility among women is the lack of a healthy lifestyle.

The most common causes of female infertility include fallopian tube damage or blockage, endometriosis, ovulation disorders, elevated prolactin, polycystic (ovary) ovarian syndrome (PCOS), early menopause, benign uterine fibroids and pelvic adhesions.

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