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Certain Water Service - Port Charlotte

We are a water treatment company in the Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda and Arcadia area. We sale & service water softeners, Iron filters, well pumps, reverse osmosis, aerators and much more.We install a large variety of Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, and Water Filtration Systems for your home or business. We will evaluate the water in your home FOR FREE, and work with you to decide what type of system and services best meet your needs.  Even city water can contain impurities.  It never hurts to ask what is in your water, and we will never pressure you into choosing a water system. Call today to schedule your free water evaluation!

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Are you concerned about the quality of your water in Port Charlotte, North Port or southwest Florida.Do you have questions about your well or water softener systems.Are you avoiding a free water analysis because you are afraid of the high-pressure sales pitch that you will be subjected to Certain Water Service is a family owned and friendly low pressure water service company.

We live and work in our community, and know the water conditions in Port Charlotte, Englewood, North Port, Charlotte and Sarasota Counties. We know southwest Florida water, and our analysis will be detailed to your community.Our professional team will test your water and offer unbiased recommendations to resolve any problems that you may have. No matter what our free water analysis finds, you will not be exposed to any sales pressure or scare tactics.

If you would like a more detailed water analysis, we also offer complete laboratory tests and water analysis options upon request (fee based service).Call today to receive your free water analysis, from the experts at Certain Water Service.Pressure tanks are a vital part to any well water system. Pressure tanks maintain constant water pressure for your home, and alleviates stress on the well and water pumps. A pressure tank also maintains the water pressure needed to run any of your water appliances.

When a pressure tank ruptures or bursts, it adds additional work to the well or water pumps increasing your electric bill, and lowering the life of your well or water pump.Pressure tanks should be sized properly and tested regularly to insure they are maintaining the optimum air pressure, so that your water pump will operate at its optimum efficiency. This is why we test each pressure tank during our monthly service of your well water system.

If you need the pressure tanks checked, serviced or maintained in Port Charlotte or North Port Florida, call Certain Water Service. We can do anything with water except walk on it.Smelly Water is one of the most common complaints about well usage in Port Charlotte, North Port, Charlotte County and southwest Florida. Most often the ‘rotten egg’ smell is the issue residents complain about. This odor is the result of Hydrogen Sulfide (sulfur) gas which is released when the water comes in contact with the air.

Sulfur gas is more than just an odor problem; it is also very corrosive and destructive to the vital materials in your home. Hydrogen Sulfide (sulfur) attacks the copper coils in air conditioning systems, copper wiring, and the copper in your hot water tank. It will even effect your precious silver. Hydrogen Sulfide reacts chemically to disintegrate copper or silver over time.

This sulfur can and should be removed from your well water before it enters your home by exposing the water to air to release or “oxidize” the gas molecules. Every water treatment company claims to have “the best” method of sulfur removal and many have their merits.

We believe that the best, most effective way to remove or oxidize hydrogen sulfide is to inject Ozone into the water. The reason we like to use Ozone is there is no potentially harmful chemicals being added to your water and it is 1.5 times stronger than any other oxidant. When Ozone is mixed into the water bacteria is eliminated upon contact, hydrogen sulfide is oxidized, Iron is oxidized, and the Ozone dissipates and turns into oxygen.

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Carbon Filters are one of the oldest and most popularly used methods of water purification. Carbon filters are most effective in removing unwanted smells or tastes in your water and they are very effective at removing low volumes of chlorine. Just like you would use a carbon or charcoal filter in your refrigerator to remove unwanted odors, carbon or charcoal filters work effectively at removing some unwanted odors or flavors in your water.

The only problem with charcoal or carbon filters, is that it is very porous and will get loaded up or wore out over time. As the carbon filter reaches its maximum filtration capacity, residents will begin to notice the unwanted smell and taste returning. If you have a carbon filter in your Port Charlotte or North Port water purification system, we can “re-bed” or renew your existing carbon filter, without the cost of purchasing a new one.

At Certain Water Service we work to give you the best value in your water systems. So if your Port Charlotte or North Port carbon filter needs to be replaced, call us, and we will save you money by re-bedding your carbon filter.Chlorination systems are used to kill bacteria and prevent infection from contaminated well water. They can also be used as an oxidizer to eliminate excessive Hydrogen Sulfide levels before the water is delivered to the home.

The Uni-dose and Stenner chemical pumps are the units that we recommend and utilize in our systems. In addition, we also offer service the Uni-dose, Stenner and most other pumps we can get parts for. Keep in mind if chlorine is being injected into your water you need to have a carbon filter to remove it before it goes into your water softener and in your house. I also see a few people using pool chlorine in there systems that has stabilizer in it and it not designed for drinking or showering.If you would like your water tested, contact us for a free water analysis. We can help you decide if a chlorination system for your southwest Florida home is the wright choice.

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