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Based in China since 2006, INS grants you its expertise in the administrative procedures management, your accounting or your social and Tax declarations.Thanks to its 8 years of experience as a Professional Employment Organization (PEO), INS has a strong network in China, knows the right business partners and saves you considerable time.
Business Description (long):: INS is the subsidiary of your company in China. We handle all the back office tasks to give you the comfort to focus on the essential. We handle all the paperwork related to your relocation project in China.Our goal is to simplify administrative procedures to maximize your chances of success within the Middle Kingdom.
The INS offer is flexible and adaptable to your needs. Our services can be taken together or individually as required by the situation.
Our services continue to evolve and diversify with the growth of your business, and to offer adapted solutions permanently.INS offers the best and most competitive solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us to make a solution that fits your budget and your career plan.Our rates are among the cheapest in the market and are in fact a non-negligible advantage in the success of your business in China.

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Doing business in China involves having to pay suppliers, partners or simply to charge its customers. In a country like China, where the customs and traditions differ in significant ways, some rules are sometimes implemented, the foreign company rules must respect.As part of a partnership or a commercial contract, several questions arise: Who supplier invoice, the customer in what currency, what the deadlines are, terms, etc.

In order to avoid misunderstandings between Chinese and foreign partners, NSI offers several solutions according to your convenience and needs. Whether to charge your customers in China and around the world, or to pay your suppliers, we have a solution for your company.

Make sure when you go to China is paramount. The medical insurance policies in China are a good way to protect yourself and your family against medical costs that may arise during the stay, while making sure that your family is able to receive full medical care for injury or serious illness.

Each international health insurance policy can be completely customizable to best meet the needs and expectations. The health insurance policies allow you to customize the level of coverage.Understanding the definitions and key terms of a policy will help you understand the contract you have chosen.

During the implementation process in China, one of the main concerns of the foreign company will know where to do business in the Middle Kingdom.This applies particularly to companies that are not familiar with Chinese culture and willing to conquer a new market, newly created business or even for special cases (Temporary assignments, LIFE, etc ...).

When one does not know Shanghai, or China in general, know where to look for the location of its activity is an essential asset for the success of the implementation process.In order to optimally respond to this material necessity, INS offers you solutions tailored to your career plan.

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A visa is a document issued by the competent authorities of a country. Any foreign national must present when entering the territory of some states. This is necessary for stays of short or long term, but still proves to be insufficient in itself to be able to develop his business in some countries, including China.

Any foreigner wishing to come to work in China must have a work visa in order to stay within the law. This famous document requires bringing together a number of conditions to be issued, or the past found themselves drastically strengthened recently, making obtaining the Visa even more delicate.

However, this INS to ensure that the procedure Visa is in no way a hindrance to your career plans in China.The payroll is a service for employee compensation and the calculation of employee and employer costs related to it.This service is an important aspect of the administration employees. Genuine link between the employer and the employee, the pay slip is a mandatory periodic administrative formality to meet certain criteria. The salary is a cost to the company that should be recognized.

Payroll management also allows to monitor employee and employer payroll taxes. These taxes will be another important procedure to be followed for any employer in China.INS accompany you throughout these administrative processes in order to leave no risk of illegality or disorders related to cash management.

Taxation stands out as a major concern of the state and national and international companies. Since its creation, the tax is the main source of state funding and a crucial instrument of economic and social policy of the various nations of the world. This financial need therefore for any company, and therefore concerns any foreign company seeking to establish themselves in a country like China.

For the company, the tax also occupies a prime because of its presence and its consequences in almost all management decisions and its impact on competitiveness. The situation has changed, however: the company no longer content now to fulfill its tax obligations for safety reasons. It goes from passive to proactive management of the tax burden in seeking to optimize taxation instead of suffering.Taxation becomes a binding management technique with the legal, financial, commercial.

Sending a consultant in China inevitably accompanies costs related to his professional activity. Whether this is due to his arrival in the Middle Kingdom, its implantation or during its mission, your consultant will generate expenses that will then be managed.

In addition, the establishment of a company in China, a country whose culture and customs are very different from European customs, represents a significant challenge: a lack of finance-related information can be quickly problematic when seeking to expand her business and to create a network of customers.

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