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Flores Body Shop provides clients with the best auto painting services in Los Angeles. We are Auto Body Shop Los Angeles - Body Shop Los Angeles - Auto Body Shops Los Angeles - Body Shops Los Angeles. We perform Collision Repair Los Angeles - Collision Shop Los Angeles. We perform many Auto Body Shops - Body Shops - Auto Body Los Angeles - and other collision repair services. We're also known for doing Car Painting Los Angeles - Paint Shop Los Angeles - Auto Body Paint Shops - Auto Body And Repair - Auto Painting Los Angeles. Call us if you are looking for a quality Auto Body Paint - Auto Painting Los Angeles - Auto Painting Los Angeles Cheap. If you've been searching for Auto Body Repair Estimate - Truck Painting - Collision Repair - Auto Body Repair Shop - Los Angeles Auto Body Shop - give us a call for a free over the phone estimate.

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It can be a challenge to find a quality body shop in the greater Los Angeles, California area. Once you do find a high quality shop, it will commonly serve as your “go to” location for all types of car maintenance and emergent work that might arise due to an auto accident. At Flores Body Shop, our goal since opening more than 35 years ago, has been to be that shop for residents of our local area. Our staff is highly experienced and is both licensed and certified to work on all makes and models of both foreign and domestic automobiles.

Whether you have small cosmetic damage to your vehicle, or a very extensive insurance claim, we have likely seen it before and can use this experience to help you get your car or truck fixed and back on the road as soon as possible. Our auto body shop can help you save thousands of dollars with your insurance company.

We have been proud to offer a full service collision repair center for our customers since we first opened our doors. Customer service has been our number one priority throughout our time in business, and we are one of the top-rated shops that you will find in the city. We not only know how to fix cars and trucks, but we also know how to handle insurance claims with speed and grace. We just don’t work on vehicles that have been in wrecks; however, as we also help a number of customers who have been putting on getting minor damage fixed on their automobile.

We strongly recommend that if you have minor dents, scratches, or gouges in the body of your vehicle, that you take advantage of our car paint services to help avoid having to get a full auto painting job done in the future. Not only will this help preserve the integrity of your auto’s paint job, but it will also help prevent additional corrosion and other damage from spreading underneath the existing paint job of your auto.

Since the electric car sector has been rapidly growing in the Los Angeles area, we have made sure to keep up with the times at Flores Body Shop. Our technicians receive specialized training to work on electric and hybrid cars so that you can feel comfortable that your auto will be repaired to manufacturer specifications when you bring it in to our shop. Our techs commonly work on popular electric vehicles such as Tesla and Panamera.

Additional services that we provide to our customers also include fixing alignment and suspension issues, frame straightening repairs, and even fixing more exotic cars such as Rolls Royce, Lotus, Bentley, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Our staff loves to use our deep experience in car repair to take care of any auto repair needs that you might have, and can tailor long term projects with you to keep your automobile on the road while we take care of one problem at a time.

If you have any body shop or collision repair needs, Flores Body Shop is here for you. Our company has been in business for more than three decades, and we love helping our local residents and visitors to Los Angeles get their automobiles back on the road in an efficient manner. Our staff will always make time to answer your questions, and we will give you a free quote over the phone or in person at our garage. You will be hard-pressed to find a garage in our local area that will do a better job for the price than our certified technicians. Please give us a call today, so that our staff can take care of your car or truck repair needs.

Product and Services

Residents of Los Angeles, California get more than their fair share of sunny days throughout the year compared to other states in the country. As a result, the car paint on one’s automobile can get damaged requiring attention before the damage grows to the point requiring a full auto painting job or structural repairs be completed to the automobile. At Flores Body Shop, we have been providing high quality, auto paint services for our customers for more than 35 years.

Whether your automobile’s paint job has just started getting blemishes due to old age in its paint job, or is showing the signs of significant wear and tear, our expert staff is here to take care of helping you repair the minor damage to your car or truck’s pain job before it becomes a bigger issue that will cost you more money. Our staff has the experience in helping customers take care of these small issues before they become big ones as well as taking care of full body paint jobs for customers who are looking for a new look and feel for their automobile.

One of the common problems that we have customers bring into our auto body paint shop are craters or air entrapment in the paint job of their car. This type of blemish looks like a small crater that can be seen in the paint film of your car. Our staff has found that these pockets usually result from their being air trapped or buried in the paint film while it was still wet. They will then travel towards the surface of the paint film before bursting into a small crater. The typical cause of this issue comes from the insufficient atomization and possibly an improper setup of the spray gun used the paint the car. We also see this issue with cars that have been painted by third parties who held the spray gun too close to the car or truck’s surface while painting the automobile.

Have no fear; however, as our expert painters have seen this issue arise numerous times in the past, and we know how to sand, smooth, and refinish your vehicle’s paint job to the point that it looks like you just brought your vehicle home from the dealer. Bring your car over to a quality automotive body paint shop that has at least a dozen years of experience under their belt. Otherwise you are risking your vehicle's overall appearance and safety.

Another common issue that the paint department at Flores Body Shop helps customers with is blistering in the paint job of their car or trucks. This issue can be identified by swollen areas on the top film of your vehicle’s paint. They can look like bubbles or bumps, and commonly are not noticed until several months after having a paint job done on an automobile. Our technicians have seen this issue come from getting moisture under the paint film of the car. It can be caused by not taking long enough to let the paint dry after wet sanding the vehicle, painting in an area with high humidity, or through contaminated air lines.

Our staff also knows how to fix this issue, and can commonly get your auto back on the road within a day or two depending on the extent of work we have to accomplish. No matter what your car painting needs are, please give our staff a call today so that we can give you a free quote today. Whether you need us to take care of damaged areas of your car or truck’s paint job, a full auto painting, or have paint requirements after getting collision repairs completed, our company can take care of your needs.

The time to seek out a dependable auto body shop in Los Angeles is not after you have been in a car accident. At Flores Body Shop, we love to build our relationships with customers over time by providing the full range of automotive services in addition to our collision and auto body repair options. Our team has built-up a deep base of experience over the past 35+ years, and we know how to efficiently manage repairs to your car or truck without breaking the bank when you get the bill. Our team also has a long standing relationship with all major auto insurance carriers which means that your time waiting on an answer for what will be covered by insurance is minimized in the event you have been in an unfortunate car accident. Our number one priority when you choose Flores Body Shop for your auto body needs is to get your vehicle back on the road in an efficient, but safe manner while providing you with one of the top-rated auto services in the Los Angeles area.

When you are involved in a collision on the busy freeways around Los Angeles, it can be a pretty intrusive event to your daily life. At Flores Body Shop, we understand this and work closely with you to get your auto fixed in a timely manner so that you are not having to use a rental car longer than necessary. All repairs at our shop are fully guaranteed, and you will be hard pressed to find a garage offering auto body repair services that meet our level of customer service. All of our garage technicians are fully certified and licensed to provide the full range of repair services on your vehicle, and we have a fully staffed painting department that uses the latest in computerized paint matching to help ensure your car or truck leaves our shop looking as good as new when we are done with our work. Our team always uses original manufacturer parts or approved substitutes to help ensure your vehicle leaves our garage at or above the design standards for the automobile.

When you bring your car or truck into our auto body shops, our team of experts doesn’t just rely on our more than 35 years of experience in the field to provide you an estimate for our work. We also rely on professional estimating software to ensure we are providing you with a quote grounded in true market conditions and science. If anything, our team will use our experience to drop the price further based on our experience with the repairs your vehicle requires to get it safe to be back on the road. Our team also provides the full range of auto services to our customers to include engine check light diagnostics, air conditioning services, brake replacements, oil changes, and alignments. Whether you need a “Paint less” dent repair, help with a car or truck restoration, or simply collision repair services, the team at Flores Body Shop is here to help.

No matter what your auto body needs are, we guarantee that you will be hard-pressed to find a garage that meets the quality of work for the price as you will find at Flores Auto Body in the Los Angeles area. We employ on the highest rated mechanics in the area, and go out of our way to ensure they are trained and certified to work on all makes and models of both foreign and domestic automobiles. If you are in need of any auto services, please give us a call or drop by today for a free quote.

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