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2245 W University Dr , Tempe- 85281
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AE Interlock Paver Design - Tempe

We are AE Interlock Paver Design – a Paver company in Phoenix. We have earned an excellent reputation and are known for our quality work, professional crews, and the timely delivery and completion of our products and services, as well as for our Life time warranty. We have received numerous customer referrals, as well as enjoyed having our customers turn to us whenever they need brick work done. We are proud to have left a trail of satisfied customers after the successful completion of every job. We are unique because we combine the installation of pavers, which includes bedding sand, edge restraint, and joint sand, thereby causing them to interlock, which allows the pavers to provide a unified yet flexible Brick pavement that is beautiful to look at and easy to enjoy.

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Gardening is great, however, muddy footprints all over your clean floors year after year is a drag. Your garden shoes wear out quickly from frequent washes and have to be replaced far too often. You can save those floors and stop purchasing those shoes so often by replacing those muddy paths in your yard and garden with beautiful, maintenance free walkway pavers.

Water, dirt, and moisture of any kind are bad news for your hardwood floors. When it rains, even a walk to the mailbox spells danger for your hardwood floors. Walkway pavers eliminate the need to get your feet soaked and help keep your shoes clean in the garden, saving your floors and your back from cleaning those wet, muddy floors.

Walkway pavers come in an unbelievably wide range of sizes and colors. The perfect pattern will add beauty and appeal to your yard and garden and drive your neighbors insane with jealousy. Designing your walkway with durable pavers is fun, productive, and is a wonderfully creative way to accent your beautiful lawn and garden. They also add real value to your home and make your grounds much safer for elderly family members and friends.

AE Interlock Paver Design offers Pavers in a wide and diverse variety of patterns. There are nine main types of patterns that enhance the endless special design ideas that one might enjoy. Each distinct pattern offers its own features with which one can match to create unique styles. The options are limitless and spring from various design ideas.

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Installing a patio to your home can literally change the way you live. Patios are so diverse that many people wonder how they ever got along without one. Whether it is relaxing, cooking on the barbeque, or entertaining friends, your patio will soon become the most frequently used area of your home. The patio is the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee and greet the day, or to catch a nap after work. Patio thin pavers (Veneer Pavers) are the perfect solution for paving your new patio because they add the perfect combination of style, beauty, and durability.

A popular choice among homeowners, patio thin pavers (Veneer Pavers) are strong enough to withstand constant use, stand up to any climate with very little maintenance, and can last a lifetime of get-togethers with friends and family. Your new patio is not only affordable, it can actually add to the value of your home. Patio thin pavers (Veneer Pavers) come in a surprisingly wide variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors that allow your creative side run free while you design the perfect patio for your home. The best part is the new memories your family will build while enjoying your new patio.

Your driveway is the first thing you and your visitors see from the street, which makes it the perfect opportunity to make a lasting first impression. With a little bit of time and energy, you can give your home a brand new curb appeal with a driveway that compliments your home and yard. An attractive paver driveway can add value to your home much the same way a bathroom or kitchen makeover does.

Paver driveways can match different styles due to their wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes. Paver driveways are more durable than any other type of pavement. Driveways out of pavers are easy to maintain due to the interlocking design of individual pieces of concrete which avoids cracks or stains.

Many people do not realize just how diverse and complicated yard landscaping can be until it is time to design and landscape their own. Complete front and back yard landscaping can include pavers, flagstone, concrete work, custom fire pits, custom fire places, and barbeque pits, fountains, retaining walls, black walls, stone, rock, gravel, planters and much more. In fact, a landscaping list can be as infinite as your imagination. That is why AE Interlock Paver Design offers related work in numerous aspects of landscaping and can help you to complete your project and create your dream yard.

At AE Interlock Paver Design, we can help you with gravel and rock of all color and sizes. We have it all, from rip rap to boulders along with the expertise to design and build or build from your design including unique or custom fire and barbeque pits, either in or above ground. We also deliver and assemble stone tables and benches and many other aspects that will help you reach your dream yard goals.

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