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3708 Cary Street Rd , Richmond- 23221
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Ridgeline Tree Service - Richmond

"Ridgeline Tree Service is a fully bonded and insured professional tree care company located in Richmond, VA. We specialize in providing tree removal, tree pruning, and tree trimming – as well as virtually every other arborist related service.Are you located in Richmond, VA, or perhaps in a surrounding city? Give us a call today for your free estimate. And be sure to ask us about our monthly specials."

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Even if alive, sometimes a tree needs to be removed – especially when it is a safety and health hazard. The most common cases are when it is obstructing driveways, buildings, utility wires, or other trees.Regular tree pruning in Richmond, VA usually ensures such drastic measures won’t need to be undertaken, but in some instances they are unavoidable.

The highly-skilled arborists at Ridgeline Tree Service are adept at assessing the individual circumstances of your outdoor environment and offer suitable alternatives should you feel cutting down a tree is not an option.

Some of the best alternatives we offer are cabling and bracing in order to create strong artificial support for structurally weak branches and trunks. This will help prevent injuries to trees, such as branch failure, and improve their resilience to storm damage.This type of structural support ensures the longevity of trees and will improve the well-being of the specimen. Proactive pruning helps maintain trees in good health and ensures their longevity.It is highly recommended that you leave it up to certified professionals to carry out the tricky and delicate job of removing a tree from your outdoor space.

According to official data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics there are around 200 tree-related fatal injuries on average every year in the United States. Large tree removal requires specific equipment as well as a careful approach to ensure no other structures on your property are interfered with or damaged.removing-tree-in-richmondThe highly-trained professionals at Ridgeline Tree Service will assess the conditions of your landscape and determine the branch structure and soundness of the tree that needs to be removed.

Our standard tree removal service consists in taking down a tree, chipping all brush, cutting all wood into logs, and cutting the stumps as close as possible to the ground.Wood is stacked near the base of the tree and all the debris is cleared. In addition to this, Ridgeline Tree Service also provides stump removal and wood disposal services.

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