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A bis Z Book of Ra - Berlin

AbisZBookOfRa  zeigt dir, wie du im Internet das Original Book of Ra von Novoline in der offiziellen Online Spielothek von Novoline spielen kannst. Anstatt Gratis Snacks wie in der Spielhalle kriegst du bei uns Guthaben zum spielen deiner Lieblings Novoline Spiele.

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Additional Information

After a long time it is finally possible to play the most popular and most played slot machines in Germany on the Internet. What are the benefits and reasons to play Book of Ra online and not in a game room? Really makes online as much fun as the machine? Most of the benefits are obvious: in the online gambling hall there are much better odds, so you get faster and usually at the same time more free spins than from the machine. The design is much better than from the machine due to the advanced HD technology, which uses the Star Games. Not to mention that since the smoking ban in restaurants and at public events, many people simply have no more fun to playing in a Spielo without being able to smoke the cigarette loved it.

book of ra online spielenIf you are with the game are not really familiar in itself, we tell you to check how the game works. The entire game is played over 5 reels and the insert is set per round. It is generally played on 5 paylines. Goal in the game is at least 3 times to get the researchers, because thus you get into the free spins. In these free spins a particular symbol is the Scatter and in case of winning all three symbols on a roll for scatter. Thus, you win not only on a win line but on all 5 rows, regardless of whether the symbols were next to each other or not. If you are the researchers so 3 times you get get a total of 10 free spins. If you do during free play again 3 researchers get there again to 10 free spins.

With every win while playing you can decide whether you want to accept the amount or risk function you want to use. The risk function you have a 50/50 chance to double your profits by tapping on the right color that comes next card, so black or red.

Another advantage of the online version is the so-called Playing for Stars. The stars are a fictional game Currency of Star Games casino, with which you can play for free Book of Ra. This option is of course really perfect for anyone who wants to look first if it pleases Him at all is fun to play on the internet. You do not need to deposit money to play with the stars, because you get to test immediately after registration in 2000 Stars. There is no obligation to play with real money later if you wish you can play for free if you use the online either did not like so much, or you just want to put any real money to continue. Of course you can you withdraw no return but then.

Whether free or for real money, the game is identical - both normal Book of Ra and in the Deluxe version. The rollers are identical, as are the chances of winning and the free play mode. The same applies to the design and graphics of the game. Especially the free mode is of course perfect for people who really just want to play out of boredom and not necessarily want to risk real money.

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There are known to be 2 versions of Book of Ra. Once the classic game, simply called Book of Ra. For some years there are also the modern version with better, more beautiful graphics called Book of Ra Deluxe. In Star Games Of course you can play both versions.

From game principle both games are identical, only the graphics and presentation is a bit different. Since playing for a long time the original Book of Ra Book of Ra most fans is the classic version of the most played. Has learned logically, who plays the same game for years and love not just want to change.

In Internet circulate many (mis) Sites systems or secret tricks for Novoline games anbeiten. It should first be said that there is no functioning Book of Ra Tricks. Whether online or machine. Do you really think someone would publicly show you how to get in each round with free spins a full screen?

The only good typing can give you is online instead of playing in the arcade. Due to the better odds and the deposit bonus at Star Games you so much erhöhtst your chances of winning. Due to the higher payout on the Internet (as a pure example) you could, for example, if you at the automat 100 € at free games on the internet about winning won € 130. If you do this is highly reckon now time for many hours at the machine certainly a huge difference not to be despised.

Since not all people have played in an online casino online casinos often seem quite complicated for new players, but this is absolutely not the case. The most commonly asked question is, how is it possible to deposit money and withdraw their winnings. Due to the many possibilities for you by Rockstar Games makes it easy entry and pay.

Of course you can not coins or bills in your PC to put credit on your account to load, but you can choose from numerous deposit methods. You can, for example, to deposit Paysafecard. These cards are like prepaid credit cards. You buy a paysafecard for a certain amount and give the code just in Star Games Casino Cashier one - you've got the funds available online. Of course you can also pay by credit card or Lastschrit, many players like but prefer the Paysafe card, since it is ultimately like normal cash. When it comes to pay your winnings you can also choose between numerous methods again. For example, you can let you send your winnings by check to you then redeem at your bank or can book directly to your account.

Basically, you can also pay in Star Games with, like many other modern means of payment. The encryption of your data takes place here with the same security measures such as online banking, so that your transactions are 100% safe. The fact that the licenses for online gambling halls are extremely strict security what terms it is not a casino - and especially not a casino is part of the Novomatic - risking to work unsafe payment methods.

In addition to the above methods, you can deposit and withdraw with so-called e-wallets like Paypal or Moneybookers. This is completely in real time, the money is immediately on your account and PayPal is well known for extremely high security. If you simply pay by bank transfer recommends the immediate transfer, because this transfer is credited to your account within seconds during normal transfers can certainly take 1-3 days to be credited.

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