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For all your heating and air conditioning needs in Virginia Beach, Hampton Road and Norfolk areas, you may rely on services offered by Mechanical Service Company. Our staffs can also cater to various plumbing and electrical needs. You can pick from available finance options for air conditioners and HVAC systems. You may talk with us to get details on finance option or earn about the available packages. You may also log in to www.msco.pro.

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Most homes in the United States will require some sort of electrical upgrade in the near future, from older homes to even some of the newer ones. Most homeowners recognize that by not electrically upgrading their house, they’ll be limited in what they can do or add to their home. Sometimes it can lead to the unimaginable disaster of their home burning down to the ground. Call us today to set up an estimate to upgrade your home!

Most dirt crawlspaces are vented to get the moisture out. Good idea, right? Not so much.The problem is that the vents bring in warm humid air during the summer. So if you have mold in your crawlspace, there are mold spores throughout your house. Similarly, if you have moisture in your crawlspace, you have a moisture issue in your home. And in the winter, a vented crawlspace also lets in cold air, causing uncomfortable floors and higher heating costs.

Encapsulated crawlspaces, on the other hand, are sealed away from the earth and moisture. With an encapsulation system, crawlspace vents are sealed up – saving energy and making your whole house more comfortable. Not to mention the added benefits of less mold, less mildew, and a lot fewer bugs and other nasty critters under your house.

Standard gas water heaters can account for 30% of a home’s typical annual energy usage, and the typical lifespan of the average water heater is 7-11 years. In seeking out more energy efficient options, the tankless water heater is at the forefront of innovative solutions to combat rising energy costs.

Tankless water heaters have been used in Europe, Australia, and Japan for over 30 years. This technology delivers on-demand hot water, saves energy, saves space, and lasts up to twice as long as a standard storage water heater. Most tankless models will use only the amount of fuel necessary to heat hot water being used at any given time.

To do this, they measure the incoming water temperature and flow rate, compare that to the desired output temperature, and fire at the rate necessary to meet this need. If you change any of these variables, the tankless unit simply recalculates and adjusts its firing rate accordingly.Today’s tankless technology is smarter than ever, so let Mechanical Services Company help you make the smart decisions.

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