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UNIT 22 35-39 Higginbotham Road , Gladesville- 2111
New South Wales , Australia  Australia
+61 02 9651 4220
Fax : 02 9651 4171 http://www.cebeco.com.au
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Cebeco Pty Ltd - Gladesville

Cebeco Pty Ltd has been in operation for 40 years and are 100% Australian owned. We represent a number of leading engineering equipment manufacturers in USA, UK, Finland, Korea and Japan - many on an exclusive basis. Our service is to all industry sectors in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region having successfully supplied a large number of projects through international and local contractors, both in Australia and overseas.To know more visit http://www.cebeco.com.au.

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CertificationQAS: 9001-2008
Certificate NumberAU1603

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Jacoby-Tarbox offers the world’s most extensive line of sight flow indicators and sight windows. The original company was founded in 1914 and today continues to offer innovative, trend-setting products, while meeting more industry specifications “out of the box” than any other sight flow indicator manufacturer on the market.

Cebeco offers hundreds of products that monitor and control compressors, pumps, generators, and more. Our control systems for industrial operations monitor pressure, temperature, liquid level, overspeed, time and vibration.

We cover the range from simple start/stop operation to sophisticated automation systems incorporating microcontrollers and remote communications. We provide cost-effective, perfectly suited products for our customers, and have been doing it for over 35 years.Some of the the following Murphy product link externally to the full product listings on the main Murphy website. Please click on a product to find out more.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds is the electrical industry's leader for hazardous environments. Cooper Crouse-Hinds integrates a comprehensive line of electrical and instrumentation products with expert support, industry insights and local availability to enhance safety and productivity in the most demanding industrial and commercial environments worldwide. This philosophy is at the core of every Cooper Crouse-Hinds Product.

Bursting discs are safety devices that protect systems such as pressure vessels or piping against overpressure or vacuum conditions. Bursting discs are also known as rupture discs or burst discs.Bursting discs are composed of a thin membrane which is designed to rupture at a predetermined differential pressure and temperature. Bursting discs provide instantaneous pressure relief and act more quickly than pressure relieving valves - within milliseconds the disc bursts to change from fully closed to fully open. Bursting discs are leak-tight until they burst, while pressure relieving valves can leak during operation.

The disadvantage of bursting discs is they must be replaced once the disc has burst. Bursting discs cannot reseal, so they continue to relieve until the downstream pressure equals the system pressure.

Bursting discs can be used as the primary pressure relieving device or as a secondary pressure relieving device when used as a back-up to pressure relieving valves. The purpose of a secondary relieving device is to provide additional protection for an event that would exceed the capacity of the primary relieving device.

Product and Services

Eductors.Eductors are used in a variety of applications such as:Pumping liquids, gases, slurries and solids, Dosing or diluting a product, Priming a pump, Evacuating a tank or pipe, Heating a liquid

Standard options include:Sizes from ½” to 4” – larger sizes are available, Material selection from carbon steel, 316 SS, bronze, monel, Alloy 20, PVC, polypropylene and PVDF, Connections from male and female NPT thread, socket weld ends, butt weld ends and ANSI flanged.

Datasheets.Eductors for Pumping Liquids E200.10, Eductors for Pumping Gases E200.30, Eductors for Heating Liquids E200.50, Eductor Installation and Operation Manual E500, Application Sizing - Eductors E300.10.

Eductors are a very effective way of moving gases, liquids and solids and are also referred to as injectors, ejectors, jet pumps and venturi pumps. These are widely used in the power and mining industries for mixing, pumping and heating. They are also used in various petrochemical processes. Eductors have no moving parts, they are very low maintenance and are safe in hazardous locations where electrical pumps may not be a suitable solution.

Eductors use the venturi principle to entrain a low pressure fluid into a high pressure fluid, discharging a blended mixture. Eductors convert pressure-energy of a fluid into velocity. The fluid then expands through the eductor’s nozzle, which creates a vacuum which then entrains the suction fluid. The two fluids are blended and then re-pressurised inside the eductor body as the high velocity is effectively converted back into pressure, before being discharged through the outlet nozzle.

Cebeco has been supplying eductors for over 40 years to customers across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We have off-the-shelf designs and can also prepare bespoke designs to suit your application. For all enquiries related to eductors, you can contact us at Cebeco on + 61 02 9651 4220.

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