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Spinnaker Recycling - Mississauga

Spinnaker Recycling is a full service recycling and waste management consultancy.With more than 60 years of combined experience, and an offering that covers all of your company's needs, we provide the 'one stop shopping' experience that helps you not only save time, but also save money.Fully Independant.We are fully independent and provide unbiased waste audits and consulting services that no waste or recycling company can match. Whatever size your company is, and whatever your company does, we can help you improve your image as a 'green' business, and save you money and time.

Spinnaker Recycling specializes in working with quick serve restaurants, hotels, multi-residential properties and municipalities. Our staff are always at the forefront of waste diversion strategies for these sectors.We were founded in 2008 by a team of senior waste industry experts. Spinnaker Recycling is a member of The Recycling Council of Ontario, the Greater Toronto Apartment Association, London Apartment Association, and the Federation of Rental Providers of Ontario. We provide waste audits in compliance with the RCO’s 3RCertified standard. Additionally we provide consulting services for ISO, EMS, and Canada wide waste approvals processes.

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Spinnaker Recycling offers extensive waste disposal and recycling equipment for facility operations and public areas. This includes waste receptacles, recycling containers, signage, front-load and roll-off bins, waste and recyclables compactors/balers, trash moving machinery and composting systems for all business sectors. With suppliers like Busch, Marathon, Envyrozone, Frost, Classic Display and EnviroWirx, all of your equipment needs can be met under one roof.

Waste audits are formal, structured processes used to quantify the amount and types of waste being generated by a facility. In some jurisdictions waste audits are mandatory for facilities of a particular type and size. (ie Ontario Reg. 102-3, 94). Waste audits will allow us to help you define current waste practices and figure out how they can be improved. This is the first step in any effective Zero Waste program, or cost reduction initiative. Spinnaker Recycling as a member of the Recycling Council of Ontario has engaged in their 3RCertified auditor trainer certification program to ensure that our processes meet the highest standards.

Spinnaker Recycling ’s waste reduction workplans (WRWP), in conjunction with our waste audits, help our clients reduce, reuse, and recycle their waste. The WRWP sets out the roles and responsibilities for each element of the plan, when it will be implemented, and what the expected results will be and are currently. These plans works best with support from all involved parties including owners, property managers, facilities staff, cleaning crew, tenants, employees, and waste handling staff.

Grease traps are a part of the sanitary sewer system that prevent fats, oils and grease (FOGs) from entering the municipal sewer system. As more municipalities require proof of service for grease traps as a part of their ‘food check’ approvals processes, having a service provider that you can count on becomes more important. Spinnaker Recycling provides cleaning and maintenance service for any size or type of grease trap, and can consolidate this service and billing with your other disposal and collection services.

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Sustainability for business, institutions and the home has proven itself to be more than a passing trend.Spinnaker Recycling is at the forefront of Zero Waste initiatives. We focus both on the practical solutions that will work today, and the longer term goals that require a more detailed understanding of the waste stream, and how change can be affected upon its’ parts. This is becoming more important as sustainability for business, institutions and the home has proven itself to be more than a passing trend.

Spinnaker Recycling The City is at the forefront of waste diversion strategies for the multi-residential sector, providing unique waste and recycling audits, strategies and solutions to the stakeholders involved in these properties. Improved recycling programs regularly lead to reduced costs, with the added benefits of more engaged staff and residents.

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