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Since its creation in 2006, INS Global Consulting helps international companies to overcome the complexity of administrative procedures related to their presence in China.Based in China since 2006, INS grants you its expertise in the administrative procedures management, your accounting or your social and Tax declarations.Thanks to its 8 years of experience as a Professional Employment Organization (PEO), INS has a strong network in China, knows the right business partners and saves you considerable time.

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Payroll is a service about employee compensation and calculation of employee and employer contributions for the latter.This service is an important aspect of the employees’ administration. This is a true link between the employer and the employee, the pay is a periodic administrative formalities required to meet certain criteria. The wage is a cost to the business that has to be counted.

The payroll also ensures employee and employer tax monitoring on wages. These taxes will be another important procedure to be followed for any employer in China.INS accompanies you throughout these administrative processes in order not to leave any risk of illegality or related to cash management problems.

The representative office, also known as the Liaison Office, is a secondary entity, having no legal personality and designed to study a new market. It is, in a way, a simple “extension” of annexes and decentralized services of the exporting company, usually associated with another form of implementation, which ensures a permanent or temporary presence in the market.

It is often used in a phase approach to conduct market studies, exhibitions and to conduct communication activities. This very special legal arrangement does not exist in all Member States.The “total investment” of a JV is the amount of capital needed to start the business until it becomes independent of its investors. The total investment consists of two components: the so-called social capital portion and the portion of the unregistered capital.

Social capital refers to the acquisition of shares in a joint venture. This amount is specified in the articles of the company, and is an investment commitment on the part of investors (subject to any increase or reduction of share capital approved by the government). The second part is essentially the amount of debt financing for the joint venture is allowed to get. Unlike the capital, there is no commitment to fund the unregistered part of the total capital of a joint venture (the debt financing can be obtained at the discretion of the JV) investment.

Investors of the joint venture must pay 15% of the share capital of the JV in the first three months of the issuance of the operating license (similar to a certificate of incorporation under Canadian law), with the balance due during the first two years. The legal minimum is 30,000 RMB if the JV has two or more foreign investors, or 100,000 RMB if the JV has a single foreign investor.

Despite these minimum amounts, the authorities approve the amount of share capital on a case by case basis depending on the intended business activities, the scale of operation and location of the JV. The amount is included in the statutes of the company. In this type of structure, risks and profits are defined by contract between the parties.

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consulting china, invoicing in china, business consulting in china, china company registration, wfoe in china.A visa is a document issued by the competent authorities of a country. Any foreign national must present it upon entry into the territory of some States. This is necessary for any short or long term. However, in many cases, such as in China, having this document is not sufficient enough to develop a business.

Any foreigner wishing to work in China must have a working visa in order to be legal. This famous document need to bring together a number of conditions to be issued, or the latter have been drastically enhanced recently, making the getting the Visa even more delicate.However, INS is present to ensure that the Visa procedures are in no way a hindrance to your career plan in China.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services are in essence the principle that an independent professional (consultant, trainer, service, artist …) relies on a third company (the PEO) for billing and dealing with administrative tasks or services they want to perform from a customer (business, government, diverse entity, individual).

In other words, PEO Services represent a solution for those who wish to pursue an activity as self-employed without creating a legal structure. The PEO manages the administrative side, taxes, the accounting and the legal aspect of the self-employed. The self-employed can then focus on his/her business and prospering in business.

Outsourcing involves working with a third company to manage all or part of the administrative tasks of business processes by transferring operational responsibilities, and financial risks. It is a comprehensive structural approach, which also takes its meaning for young people in particular smaller companies, or when it is approached in the long term.

Outsourcing saves time and energy to activities that are likely to increase the performance and value of the business, by giving particular competitive advantage.Among these we find particularly some reduction in technical and human risks, a system of payroll information secure an overall efficiency of all administrative operations, saving time for the benefit of strategic missions or new opportunities’ HR innovations.

The ultimate goal of outsourcing is a strategic fit, embodied in the form of a partnership of experts, to enable the company to devote 100% of his time developing its competitiveness and growth in its heart business. Given the competitive challenges in these uncertain economic times, do not ask the question of outsourcing can then appear as risky.Risk reduction is one of the historical reasons for outsourcing business processes of an enterprise, whether legal risks, technical, technological and social.

More than ever, the company needs the commitment of the men and women who compose it to serve with excellence its customers and continuously create the conditions for value creation to increase its activities; that is why the act of conducting outsourcing their professional activities is essential in order to save time, money and a successful implementation project in China in fine.

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