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Vancouver Roofing Pros - Vancouver

We provide residential, commercial and emergency roof repair services throughout Vancouver and surrounding areas.Ask us about our maintenance programs to help extend the life of your roof.Whether you need metal, asphalt, torch on, flat, sloped, or cedar shakes, we have you covered.We strive to be the best roofers in Vancouver BC! Our company can provide you with the finest roofing materials available, whether you are a business owner or a homeowner. We know what materials will protect the interior and exterior of your home or business from nasty weather conditions such as ice, snow, rain and high winds. Your roof is the most important protection you have in protecting your home or business.

Our highly trained installation professionals work with all types of roofing materials. They appreciate the opportunity to serve you no matter what type of roof repair or replacement that you need. Whether you need a complete roof replacement or just a repair from a storm, our roofing service is the one you can trust to answer that call when you need us the most.

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More than three fourths of the roofs in Canada utilize asphalt shingles due to their lower cost, simpler installation and lasting lifetime. In spite of its popularity, this roof material is far from being a good insulator, and its durability is beaten by newer roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are basically made from petroleum compounds, and are usually non-recyclable as a result of the fiberglass layer which is incorporated into them. They are available in a wide variety of shades, lifetime durations, and costs. Whatever the case may be, they are the cheapest roofing solution if you’re willing to sacrifice on durability and environment friendliness. Additionally, they are compatible with any architectural style.

Metal roofing has been gaining increasing popularity with each passing year because of its light weight, solar reflective capability, and fire resistance. In particular, its ability to reflect sunlight means that a metal roof will considerably bring down your utility bill in the summers if you live in a hotter climate. Although it takes a professional to install them correctly, their installation is simpler and swifter than most other roofing materials. However, it is difficult to modify or maintain them later, although this won’t be a big problem since metallic roofs are highly durable in even the toughest weather settings, and, after all, we’ll be backing you up with our own reliable warranty!

Wooden roofing, in particular, cedarwood roofing, is an option that combines practicality, beauty and durability. Red cedarwood is an ideal overall outdoor roofing material (i.e. it isn’t just restricted to roofs!). Cedarwood is dimensionally stable which means it stays nice and secure without any shrinkage problems. It has natural preservatives that combat decay, humidity and pests, and if installed correctly, it can last for well over several decades. Cedar can easily be planed to yield a smooth outer surface and can have many kinds of finishes applied to it to enhance its durability and appeal. This type of roofing is great for more traditional housing styles.

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You won’t go wrong by choosing us as your roofing contractor for conducting ongoing roof leak repair and maintenance. Regardless of whether it is a commercial or residential roofing system, we are more than capable to handle any issue you may discover. You can explore our residential and commercial roofing services in greater depth on their respective pages.

What may appear to be a tiny leak in the roof, can quickly develop into a flood of problems which could culminate in you having to replace your roof completely. This is expensive for a homeowner, but it can be downright disastrous for someone who is running a business that caters to customers on a daily business – the re-roofing procedure will require you to shut down your business for safety reasons which would result in loss of trade that could be much more significant than the cost of roof repairs that you were trying to avoid.

Keep in mind that the spread of the problem and how old your roof is are the primary determinants which will decide whether you should go for repairs or whether you ought to completely overhaul your roof. For instance, if your roof has suffered from water damage, there is no need to jump the gun and decide on a complete re-installation of the roofing system. If your roof was installed properly and isn’t more than 20 years of age, you may be able to avoid a total overhaul in favor of specific repairs. You can count on us to give you the right advice when it comes to choosing between repairs or replacement.

All roofs require periodic maintenance – allow us to cater to your maintenance needs to help extend the lifetime of your roof. The timely inspections that we carry out on your roofing system will enable us to discover problems which are in the process of taking root, so we’ll be able to take care of them before they can cause a considerable amount of harm to your business or home.

Replacing your existing roof with a modern, energy efficient roofing system will bring down your utility bill, and give it greater curb appeal (in case you ever want to sell). On average, your home’s roof will need to be repaired or maintained after each decade. With our team of experienced professionals, you’ll be able to get the best possible guidance on whether your roof needs maintenance or a complete replacement. Whatever the outcome of our analysis, you can trust us to perform the best replacement, repair and/or maintenance for your home’s roof that you can expect. Rest assured that we won’t sell you an overpriced, overrated product that you don’t require.

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