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Brauer Industries - Specialists in Water & Air Treatment

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89 Spencer Rd , Nerang- 4211
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Brauer Industries - Specialists in Water & Air Treatment - Nerang

Brauer Industries is a company which provides water and air purification services. One of the frontliner in our product line is the Ozone 1. Ozone 1 offers a complete turnkey solution; we take responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of your cooling tower water. Ozone1 Pty Ltd is a leading Australian manufacturer and distributor of ozone-based products for water sanitation and air purification. We have the resources and experience to respond to your specific needs. Ozone is a powerful biocide, killing all types of bacteria and viruses. Ozone is produced on-site, decomposes quickly into simple oxygen, and leaves no chemical residue. Brauer Industries were established in 2004 with a goal of reducing chemical usage through a variety of commercial applications. This family owned and run business is fast becoming more than the Leisure Industries preferred supplier of Ozone technology. From creating and supplying secondary disinfection systems Brauer Industries product portfolio has gradually grown to the point now where they are now able to offer a total solution. All of Brauer Industries products are geared for one of two results.

With an active team of suppliers, contractors and staff Brauer Industries are setting out to improve the standard of commercial plant room installations using modern dosing and management techniques to yield unheralded results. Please take some time to review the options open to you and don’t hesitate to contact one of their staff should you require any further information.

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Additional Information

Ozone1 are able to supply both Grundos or Astral products. Astral pumps are a more common product. With the experience and know-how Astral has acquired over more than 20 years experience on the market to, offering you all the support and advice you need from the initial stages of start up and maintenance we are sure you’ll notice the difference.

AstralPool offer global solutions with value added for swimming pools to guarantee user comfort and safety and easy maintenance. Community, municipal or competition pools; swimming pools for hotels, resorts, water parks and sports centres. Each project is unique. Involving AstralPool pumps in your swimming pool project means having the widest possible range of products, permanent investment in R&D and an extensive worldwide commercial network.

he combination of dissolved ozone with UV light creates AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process). This forms the most reactive agents known to chemistry. AOP has even more oxidation potential than ozone or any other oxidising agent. So much so that where normal oxidising agents fail AOP prevails, the power of the whole system is increased; creating the synergy of AOP.

AOP can enhance water quality second to none, and was traditionally not affordable due to high capital costs; until now.The combination of Ozone and UV effectively destroys all the organic proteinaceous material which is the basic food material for bacterial and fungi which will not multiply. Further this combination effectively destroys virus.The AOP + Chlorine will ensure that Cryptosporidium are also destroyed faster than Ozone alone.

Robotic cleaners work independently and have their own filtration system, usually with a bag or canister to hold the debris making cleaning easier and creates less wear and tear on your pool’s filter system and surface skimmer. Because our Dolphin robotic cleaners are self-contained, they save much more energy than other automatic cleaners that run off a booster pump. All Dolphin cleaners are smart devices: Rather than traveling a random path, Dolphin robotic cleaners use sensors to “learn” the shape of your pool and avoid running over the same areas again and again.

When you watch the cleaners in action they tend to travel along the wall up one path, and then go back down a separate path thus maximising their effective time and of course ensuring that they do a thorough job. The time savings and improvement of water quality obtained when using a Dolphin robot cleaner are easily demonstrated. Please contact Ozone1 should you wish to see a demonstration of one of the units in your own facility.

Keeping your cooling towers and heat exchangers free from biological growth, corrosion and scaling are vital for the operation of air conditioning or industrial cooling systems. Yet, the use of chemicals to treat the water in cooling towers is becoming increasingly regulated and restricted. It is not uncommon that when running at high load a cooling tower can discharge 10,000 or more litres of water per day. To make matters worse, the discharged water (or blowdown) is a non-reusable, hazardous trade waste because of the chemical additives.

Combine these issues with the increasing presence of the Legionnaires bacterium in cooling tower water and it is apparent why cooling tower operators are concerned about maintaining clean and hygienic cooling tower water in a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.Now, saving water and reducing your reliance on chemicals while improving the functional performance of your cooling system has never been easier: ozonate the water.

Using a method developed by NASA in the USA for their own cooling towers, Ozone1 can now provide complete, turnkey cooling tower ozonation systems, a safe and cost-effective alternative to toxic and expensive chemical treatments. Ozone is created on-site and injected into your cooling tower water; your current chemical dosing system will be disconnected and no longer used. Ozone is a powerful and highly effective biocide, yet decomposes quickly into simple oxygen, thereby leaving no harmful residue. Should appropriate plumbing be available, blowdown can be reused, for example, to water gardens. Please contact Ozone 1 for relevant technical white papers.

Product and Services

Brauer Industries products are geared for one of two results: Saving your money and improving your water quality. We are dedicated of giving you the best solution to reduce the chemical content present in your domestic and commercial pools. For our custom air and water treatment, we have cooling towers, odour control, Hydroguard 702, Spear/Bore Water Treatment, Mobile Water Treatment, and Industrial Water Treatment Plant. Our ozone-based systems can be combined with other filtration systems. We can provide cost effective, environmentally friendly and chemical-free means to sanitize air and water at your facility. Call us now at +61 7 5596 2922. or visit our website.

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