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Mortgage In Toronto - Toronto

Mortgage In Toronto operates under Real Mortgage Associates Inc , a licensed mortgage brokerage. Real Mortgage Associates Inc. specializes in Residential Mortgages, Commercial Mortgages and Construction Loans and mortgages that deviate from the bank’s guideline. Our background in Residential Mortgage, Commercial Mortgage, Renewals & Refinances, Financial and Real Estate Consulting, along with our professional and personalized services, provides you with information to help you to choose the best mortgage for your needs, at the lowest interest rates. We can save your time and money. We offer more than just great rates. Of course, low rates are important for paying less interest over the long term, but there are other factors to consider. For instance, many people don’t realize that a mortgage with a rock-bottom rate could have higher fees and penalties, or more restrictive terms. Our Mortgage agent will help you find a mortgage with a great rate and the right mortgage privileges – a combination that could save you thousands in the long term. We’ll walk you through fixed versus variable rates, payment flexibility, pre-payment privileges, restrictions, fees, penalties, mortgage portability, assumability, and more! At RMA, we know you want a customized mortgage plan, as well as an advisor who understands your needs and keeps in touch throughout your mortgage years. Our services include walking you through the entire process; from the time of mortgage application to the pre-approval, and right up to the mortgage closing date. We look forward to helping you achieve your financial and home ownership goals!    

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Additional Information

It’s a big move buying your first home. There are countless decisions to make and sometimes it feels like a whole new language to learn. Our experienced Mortgage Planners know the industry inside out. We can help you to understand how much mortgage you can manage, and to explore both traditional and innovative mortgage options. We also have access to the best mortgage rates with features that can help you achieve your homeownership dreams.

Buying a home for the first time is not an easy decision. As a First-Time Buyer, you have programs available to assist you.For example, the 95% high-ratio financing program through Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), and Genworth Financial (formerly GE Mortgage Insurance).CMHC also permits first-time buyers to borrow their 5% from any other source under certain conditions.

The Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) is a program that allows you to withdraw up to $25,000 (after January 27, 2009), from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSPs) to buy or build a qualifying home for yourself or for a related person with a disability.

We can help you determine if you qualify for any First time Buyer Programs and recommend how you should proceed.Whether you’re planning the trip of a lifetime or the event of a lifetime, at Mortgage Architects we can explore solutions to help free up the cash you need to make your dreams a reality. You’ve got equity in your home-why not use it for the important things in life? A Our Mortgage Planner can help.

Whether you want to consolidate your outstanding debt load or need money for home improvements or renovations, or if you need money for investment purposes, as a home owner you can increase your home equity and take more debt against your home in the form of a mortgage.

The benefit of using your home equity is the low rate versus unsecured debts that usually come with high rates. By taking advantage of your home equity, you can save money simply because there is a difference between the mortgage rates and the unsecured rates, by a significant margin.We can provide you with recommendations on how to move forward with mortgage-refinancing.

Product and Services

We offer numerous home financing options for various property types and borrowers. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, as a First-Time Buyers or looking to move to a new home, as a single or a family, a self-employed or new to Canada, or if you require a 1st or 2nd mortgage; we can help.

We will walk you through the different components and aspects of obtaining a home loan; the pre-approval, down-payment, interest rates, mortgage term, amortization, payment schedule, type of mortgage: open or closed, fixed rate or variable and other aspects you need to know before getting your mortgage.We can help demystify the process and offer clarity at each step in the process.

Mortgage In Toronto specializes in arranging medium to large scale commercial mortgages, financing first and second mortgages, renewals and refinancing commercial mortgages, financing on all types of commercial real estate and portfolios across Canada. Our expertise consists of: multi-unit residential (5 or more rental units), apartment buildings, retail plazas, strip malls and shopping centers, office buildings, medical centers, industrial buildings, hotels and motels, social clubs and banquet halls, schools and places of worship, recreational real estate, car washes and restaurants, properties that require stabilization (currently vacant or being retrofitted), Construction mortgages, land financing and special purpose properties including hotel loans, car dealerships, gas stations, parking lots, medical office and self-storage loans.

Our added value is our understanding of commercial mortgages, our knowledge, expertise and specialty in this area, our ability to simplify the lending process and our network and relationship with lenders. We work with our lenders network to deliver the most suitable financing and rates for you and the most competitive structure. You will save time and money.

We will walk you through the comprehensive process from the application and professional mortgage consultation and analysis to the underwriting process and the professional mortgage representation to lenders, review of lending offers, negotiate the suitable terms and rates for you and guide you through the funding process.The cost of this service is frequently paid for by securing the lowest interest rate and lower loan fees.

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