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At McLaughlins Lawyers, our mission is to continue to be the Gold Coast’s oldest firm providing Top-Tier Services at with Regional convenience. McLaughlins Lawyers are conveniently located in the CBD of the Gold Coast at Southport and Burleigh. As the oldest law firm on the Gold Coast established over 50 years ago, we offer you stability with the proven history to withstand the test of time. We are able to offer you not only expert advice in the area of Family and De Facto law but in more complex matters where there are corporate structures including businesses and trusts.

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The Family Law Act provides that there is a presumption that both parents will equally share the parental responsibility for the major long term care, welfare, and development decisions for the children.This presumption is rebuttable only in certain circumstances where there is family violence or the child is in need of protection from psychological or physical harm.

Equal shared parental responsibility and arrangements for the times the children will live with and spend time with each parent (formally known as custody and access or residence and contact)The term “equal shared parental responsibility” often gives rise to confusion where a party may assume that they are entitled to equal living time with the children. If the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility applies, the Court must firstly give consideration whether equal time is in the children’s best interest, otherwise the Court will give determination to a living arrangement whereby the children will live with one parent and spend substantial and significant time with the other parent.

Each family is unique and the structure of such arrangement will depend on a number of factors as set out in the Family Law Act, such as the age of the children and the wishes of the children.Unfortunately, no social class is immune from Family and Domestic Violence. There have been recent changes to the Acts which govern Family and Domestic Violence, both at the State and Commonwealth level.

In the event that you have either been a victim of domestic violence or have been served with an application for a Protection Order, representation at Court and advice on the serious ramifications on the making of an Order is necessary and may impact greatly on your work and any possible Family Law or children’s matters applications.

An application for a Protection Order is made through the Magistrates Court. For females seeking an application for a Domestic Violence Order, assistance can be sought through the Domestic Violence Centre at the Courthouse. For men who are seeking an application for a Domestic Violence Order, Centrecare is able to offer assistance for those applicants.

In extreme circumstances if the Police are called to a domestic violence incident, the Police may make the application on behalf of the aggrieved spouse.In circumstances of urgency, the Court will give consideration to a Temporary Protection Order, even if the other spouse or partner has not been served.

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Sophie Pearson was one of the first trained collaborative professionals, completing her training in 2006, at the time Queensland Collaborative Law commenced.Collaborative Law is a term reasonably new to the Australian “divorce” process, but is gaining momentum in Australia as one of the most respectful ways to separate.

The values of Collaborative Law are integrity, human relationships and connections, and trust. Collaborative Law focuses on resolution and minimises conflict where spouses and former partners, their collaboratively trained lawyers, and other collaborative professionals working with the family such as, psychologists, financial advisers, and accountants, agree to resolve all issues of their case without the intervention of the Court.

The collaborative lawyers and the collaborative team work together with you to shape an agreement making considered decisions for the benefit of the family as a whole.Both parties have an initial meeting with their respective lawyers to obtain advice regarding the Collaborative Law process, and to identify the issues that are important to them.

The parties and their lawyers then come together in a four way meeting which includes you, your spouse or partner, and each of your lawyers to reach a settlement. There are often a series of four way meetings to reach the resolution where all issues are discussed in an open and non-confrontational manner.

Trained collaborative lawyers support the negotiations by providing the parties with not only the structure to facilitate the agreement, but also the benefit of their skills, advice and support. With this assistance, in an atmosphere of openness and honesty, couples can communicate their respective needs and work towards securing their future.Negotiations and determination as to how the assets, liabilities and financial resources of your relationship will be divided between you and your spouse or partner, can be determined at any stage after separation and before divorce.

Whether you are seeking advice prior to separation as to what your entitlement to be if you were to separate or whether you have separated and need advice on separating the assets, liabilities, and financial resources of your relationship, then it is imperative to obtain advice on your property and maintenance rights, entitlements, and obligations at the earliest stage possible.

We provide you with strategic and realistic advice in conjunction with accountants and financial advisors to obtain the best possible outcome for you.We even see individuals before the final decision to separate has been made, and we can assist you in understanding how the breakdown of the relationship will impact upon you financially.

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