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Wickedly Hot Vapors

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901 West Parker Road #115 , Plano- 75023
Texas , United States  United States
+1 972-422-4446
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Wickedly Hot Vapors - Plano

With two stores in Plano Texas & Richardson Texas, Wickedly Hot Vapors is a one stop shop for electronic cigarettes and supplies, accessories, advanced vaping supplies, MODS, mechanical mods, e-liquids, vape supplies and vapor liquid since 2012. We offer wide selection of e-cig flavors at affordable rates. Wickedly Hot Vapors ships the USPS to all the 50 states of the USA, including the US territories and to US military addresses.Have questions? Call 972-422-4446 or visit http://www.mywhv.com

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Brand namesKanger, Innokin, Aspire, Smok, EhPro, Infinite, iTaste

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The strength of e-liquid is essentially how much nicotine the fluid contains in a set volume of e-liquid. A basic measure of milligram of nicotine per milliliter of total fluid volume (mg/ml). This is how the solutions we currently offer denote the amount of nicotine they contain. This notation was defined to compare directly e-liquid to conventional cigarettes.

For example, if a cigarette package states that there is 1.8mg of nicotine in the product, it means that each cigarette contains 1.8mg of nicotine. Therefore in a pack of 20 cigarettes there is a total of 36mg of nicotine. In comparison, an e-liquid of 18mg strength denotes that there is 18mg of nicotine in each milliliter of fluid. Therefore if you were to ‘vape’ 1ml of this fluid then it would contain the same amount of nicotine as in 10 1.8mg conventional cigarettes.

More experienced users are now often referring to the percentage of nicotine in the solution. For example, each 1mg/ml of e-liquid contains by volume 0.1% nicotine i.e. 99.9 parts are diluent and flavoring mixture and only 0.1 parts of the fluid is nicotine. Using this notation, an 18mg e-liquid contains 1.8% nicotine.

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e-cigs and supplies, accessories, advanced vaping supplies, MODS, mechanical mods, e-liquids, vape supplies, vapor liquid.All electronic cigarettes, whether using pre-filled cartomizers or a fluid tank system, require e-liquid to produce the inhaled vapor. The e-liquid is a simple solution that contains the following three components:

Nicotine: The stimulant in cigarettes and the substance that is addictive in cigarettes is the nicotine. Nicotine is a relatively simple alkaloid, called pyridine. It is naturally formed in tobacco leaves and is released, along with all the related toxic products of combustion, when a cigarette is burned. The nicotine used in our e-liquid, is natural nicotine produced from tobacco leaves. It is produced by mechanically and chemically stripping the nicotine from the leaves and then under the most stringent control, distilled out of solution, using fractional distillation techniques, to produce the highest possible levels of purity.

Flavoring: While our nicotine is produced from tobacco leaves, the distillation process produces extremely pure nicotine, which has no residual tobacco flavor. To provide an e-liquid that has a taste that resembles a normal cigarette, flavors must be reintroduced to the nicotine solution.

Due to the development of the e-liquid industry there are an infinite number of flavors that can be added to make whatever flavor you desire. At Wicked Hot Vapors, we offer a variety of flavored e-liquids and add more flavors frequently. We offer a flavor of the month and holiday flavors as well.

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