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Few services can bring the joy of reviving special memories and we are proud to aid our customers in achieving this. The ontoDigital team are focused on providing affordable media (photo, audio and video) conversion services of the highest quality. We believe this service should be available to everyone, not just a niche market.

After hearing the stories of family, friends and associates painstakingly trying to scan their old media for a special birthday, a reunion or to de-clutter their home while downsizing and finding the process an overwhelming challenge, we thought there must be a way we can help.

We set about finding a scanning service that can process bulk quantities of media at an affordable price while maintaining the highest quality…. no small challenge. ontoDigital was launched to fill this gap and nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing the smiles on customers faces, reading their testimonials or getting a phone call to say how much it has meant to them to rekindle these special memories while sharing it with their loved ones and preserving them for future generations.

Furthermore, once converted ontoDigital, the memories can be protected securely via backup on the cloud or multiple copies kept in different places in the event of a fire or flood. The digitised images can be used in many formats including coffee table books, better quality re-prints and enlargements.

An image requires three minutes on average to clean, scan and restore to a high quality. Due to the repetitiveness of the task and high Australian labour costs, our processing centre is located in India to enable us to provide these services affordably.

Respecting the sentimental value of the media, we use FedEx courier services for the transportation of your media and strict security protocols through our processing centre to ensure the supply chain is secure at all times. Feel free to contact us at info@ontodigital.com if you would like to discuss this further.

We revive and secure memories through the scanning / transfer / digitisation of photos, negatives, Slides, audio and video onto digital from analogue format.  When converting  our customers  old media to digital format we include a manual scanning and restoration service.

Main services include Slide scanning (35mm), Negative Scanning (35mm, 110, 126 and 127 negatives), APS Films, Printed Photo Scanning , Video Conversion (VHS, VHS C, Hi8, SECAM, Min DVs), Movie Conversion (Super 8mm, 16mm) and Audio Conversion.  Digital media is converted to customers choice of DVD, CD, digital photo frame, SD card, USB flash drive or portable hard drive.

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Additional Information

Exposure to dust and dirt can easily result in scratches and/or unwanted marks on scanned images. This is especially the case with slides and negatives, the smallest particles can cause a blurry result because these images during scanning are greatly magnified.

At ontoDigital, each image is manually cleaned to remove dust and dirt prior to scanning.Because photos, negatives and slides over time lose their colour, we pay a lot of attention during our scanning process to restore original colours. Although other providers of scanning services can use automated processes to correct colours, at ontoDigital each image is separately evaluated to select the right colour correction.

Anyone who takes regular photos with flash knows how annoying it is after making that perfect picture to see people with red eyes. Automated techniques can often have difficulty identifying the eye. We apply red-eye correction by hand. Through this method we’re able to ensure faces look as natural as possible.

While editing customer photos, minor damage or impurities encountered will be manually corrected using Adobe Photoshop. If you have photos that are badly damaged and require more time, a full restoration may be required to return the image to its original state. You can contact us to use our comprehensive restoration service.

Product and Services

Digitising your negatives rather than printed photo’s gives the highest quality outcome. Scanning of negatives is performed at 3,000 dpi resolution compared to 600 dpi for printed photo’s. If possible it is always better to send negatives than printed images. We cater for all types of common sizes of negatives.

If negatives are not available the next best alternative is to send your printed photos and ontoDigital will manually scan and restore each image for you, with our technicians spending an average of 3 minutes per image cleaning, scanning, removing scratches and performing colour and brightness adjustments.

Video conversion of VHS, VHS C-format, Hi8 film, SECAM, MiniDV and DV Cam formats including noise and flicker reduction, optimisation of sound quality and the stabilisation of images. Scene selections are included in the final DVD. Customers will only be charged for useable minutes of video, not the entire video that is submitted.

Movie conversion includes Super 8mm, 16mm and Normal 8 film. Our standard service includes noise and flicker reduction, optimisation of sound quality and the stabilisation of images. Scene selections and a chapter menu is included in the final DVD. Customers are only charged for useable minutes of movie, not the entire movie submitted.

A range of digital photo frames are available for purchase, with prices dependent on your requirements from basic display only frames to those integrating mobile connection to combine old and new photographs in one place. Please contact us should you wish to order a photo frame and have it pre-loaded with your images and or videos. This is a perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas or other special occasion.

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