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Unit 7 30 Park Road , Vineyard- 2765
New South Wales , Australia  Australia
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MyScaffold was established to service the Construction, Industrial & Maintenance industries. We provide safe access alternatives with specialist aluminium scaffolding. MyScaffold services the Sydney & regional NSW area for the hire & sales of industrial strength aluminium scaffold, as well as fast & efficient delivery. We offer a fully trained & qualified team of Scaffolders who are fully licensed to install scaffold anywhere. Call us on 04 0855 7755 or visit http://www.myscaffold.com.au/

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Often you hear of people falling from heights and ending up in hospital, all because the ladder they were working on fell over. Whether they were working on a job that was taller than their ladder, causing them to over-reach, or they were working from a ladder for an extended period of time which caused them to become too comfortable with where they were, the result is generally the same, broken bones and a trip to hospital, followed by expensive physiotherapy, often for years afterwards.

This is the idea that the entire scaffolding industry is founded on. Not only is a ladder not the best thing for the job, quite often people try and hang out of windows or roofs, which can often lead to disaster. Check out this photo for an example of someone who should have gotten a scaffold in Sydney.

Scaffold services in Sydney can be a hit and miss affair, with the scaffolding sometimes not arriving on time, being too short, not strong enough, or being set up wrong, you expose yourself to a lot of risk, even if you set up your own scaffolding!

MyScaffold is a company that prides ourselves on being better than the rest. We have qualified and licensed scaffolders, and we are always transparent and honest about everything we are doing. We are also provide a consulting engineer for projects when required, along with Workcover Plant registrations certificates upon request.

So whether you need a small handy platform to just get a little bit more reach, or whether you need a 15 meter giant scaffold the requires side supports, tie ins, and a wide base, we have got the product, and the expertise to get you the best scaffold services in Sydney.

To have a no obligation chat with us, please give us a call on 0408-55-77-55 or you can alternatively use our contact us page to send us a message. If neither of these are what you want to do, for instance if you want a record of your correspondence with us, please send us an email at info@myscaffold.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as we can.Check out our Facebook page for some more hilarious pictures of people who should have gotten our assistance with their job.

Product and Services

Scaffold Hire, Aluminium Scaffold Hire, Tower Scaffold Hire, Erection, Installation, Labour, Transport, Scaffold Sales, Mobile Scaffold Hire, alloy Scaffold Hire.We stock only the Highest Quality Aluminium Scaffold Towers, built for fast, safe and effective assembly with minimal fuss. Our Aluminium Scaffold towers have been tested & meet the medium duty (450kg SWL*) requirement of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1576.3-1995.

One of the most versatile and useful objects on any building site is the aluminium mobile scaffold. With the ability to adapt to varying terrain, and to remain steady even when it is 15 meters high, there really is no alternative. The only problem with these is that getting the wrong scaffold can spell disaster, whether it is to short, unstable, too wide, or it just doesn’t go together as it should, you really need to ensure that you hire or buy the highest quality in order to avoid problems down the track.

This is where MyScaffold are the one stop solution to your aluminium mobile scaffold in Sydney needs. Whether you need just a custom built extremely high 15 meter monster of a scaffold in order to reach the second or third story of a building, or whether you just need our new zippy scaffold to give you just that little bit more reach, we have the product to suit you.

Usually, when you hire scaffolding you receive much the usual few pieces of metal that all look the same, which you then have to put together with no instructions or advice, making the job take twice as long, and potentially leading to the scaffolding failing under load. We address this issue by ensuring that all of our products are clearly and easily marked with colour coded ends to ensure that you can set up the scaffolding the right way the first time.

Should you need more information at any time while setting up your aluminium mobile scaffold, we supply an information sheet for your convenience. If that is not enough, you can look at our assembly page for more information. Alternatively, we have an informative video on our homepage that takes you through the steps of assembling one of our scaffolds.

If you are interested in purchasing or hiring an aluminium scaffold in Sydney for your next job, or for around the home, please have a look at our contact us page, where you can either use the form provided to get in touch and we’ll get back to you, or you can call 0408-55-77-55. If our form doesn’t work for you, please email info@myscaffold.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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