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230 Pottersville Road , Chester- 07930
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Summit Eating Disorder Treatment - Chester

Here at the Summit Eating Disorder Treatment Center we believe in a holistic and clinical approach to treatment that includes treating the mind, body and soul. By combining a strong clinical approach with powerful holistic aspects, our treatment program offers girls and women a balanced solution to long term healing.
Located in Chester, New Jersey, the Summit at Hidden River Eating Disorder Treatment Center is the very first sub-acute, residential eating disorder program in the state. Our beautiful 14 acre property is the home of our eating disorder treatment center as well as a several other historical structures.

As a licensed provider for residential eating disorder treatment we proudly provide inpatient services to teens and women from the ages of 14-26. Our facility can house 36 individuals at any one time.

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Bulimia takes a heavy toll on your body and mind. It can take several months to overcome this illness, which is why we highly recommend inpatient bulimia treatment. Finding the most appropriate treatment for bulimia nervosa can be a process, but extremely important to fulfill for recovery.

Bulimia is a condition that causes you to feel the need to constantly judge your self-image in terms of weight. In order to feel comfortable with the weight and shape your body has, you put yourself on a diet. Often times this diet will trigger you to binge eat, causing you to feel ashamed about the amount of food you just digested. From there, you counteract that feeling by purging which may include: vomiting, taking laxatives, or going on an intense run. In return, you feel better about yourself.

For our team to develop a treatment plan that’s going to be effective for you, we do a thorough assessment of your history. Our experience has taught us that many who are diagnosed with bulimia also have another co-existing condition such as addictive and/or psychiatric disorders otherwise known as co-occurring disorders. Our assessment will allow us to determine if you have an existing co-occurring disorder.

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Our inpatient eating disorder treatment program was developed for girls and women ages 14-26 years old. We treat all types of sub-acute eating disorders and the often co-occurring disorders in the form of dual diagnoses as well.We understand the complexity of eating disorders and the physical, mental and emotional difficulties that come with a disorder. Our staff is dedicated to providing superior medical, clinical, nutritional and holistic treatment program, specific to women’s needs.

We understand that each individual is unique and therefore the treatment program should be customized to the severity of the disorder and your personal strengths, needs and co-occurring issues. We work with you and your family to ensure your program is customized to your specific needs.

Inpatient eating disorder treatment submerges the individual in a healthy environment where she can lean on her peers and the clinical staff for continuous support. Imagine the love and support from peers who are also dealing with the emotional challenges of overcoming anorexia, bulimia or another eating disorder – it’s very powerful. By living with other women facing the same challenges and dealing with similar emotions such as anxiety, fear or even shame, individuals can become more mindful of their own feelings and begin to see that they can move past them and go on to live a happy, healthy life.

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