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1802 Jensen Beach Blvd , Jensen Beach- 34957
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JUST BELIEVE RECOVERY CENTER was founded by our Executive Director, Ms. Cynthia Bellino, who has20 years of experience in the field of substance abuse. She developed two substance abuse programs,including the creation and operation of Serenity House—a halfway house for women—and A Pocket Full ofH.O.P.E., Inc.
which provided housing and support for recovering addicts and their familiesOUR GOAL is to provide clients with the tools to recover from the physical, mental and spiritual aspects ofaddiction. We recognize that alcoholism and drug addiction are progressive illnesses. Left untreated, anaddict often feels helpless, hopeless and unloved. Our serene, intimate residential programs and our highstaff-to-client ratio enables us to provide a personal treatment program that will most benefit our clients,based on their individual needs.

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When alcohol related issues become so severe that an individual is physically dependent on alcohol, alcoholism could be the culprit. When someone is struggling with alcoholism, they will do anything to get a drink, even if it leads to legal or financial consequences. Other problems that may arise from alcoholism include: job loss, failed relationships, financial trouble, and legal trouble.

At Just Believe Recovery, we take drug addiction very seriously. We understand the devastating consequences that can come about on both individuals and family members who are struggling with this disease. To prevent these consequences from becoming worse or severe, it’s important to seek help from our Florida drug treatment center immediately.

In order for mental health treatment to be successful during addiction treatment, it must be evaluated and integrated from the beginning. Our hands on therapists will evaluate each individual from the get go understanding if the underlying cause of addiction is mental illness, or vice versa. The treatment for this can also be known as dual diagnosis treatment, where two or more conditions are present and focusing on integrating treatment to cover all conditions.

Prescription drug addiction and dependence is becoming more common in the United States. Many times this addiction can develop by being prescribed a certain medication for pain, also known as pain killers. Your body is quick to become dependent on these prescription medications especially when they aren’t used as directed. Our prescription drug addiction treatment center specializes in treating individuals for pain killer addiction also known as opioid addiction treatment.

The transition from our 30 day program into society can be a frightening time for some, but we are here to help guide clients and their loved ones. At Just Believe Recovery Center, we offer a variety of aftercare options that all are centered around ongoing recovery for the individual.Aftercare? Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is strongly recommended for our clients who wish to continue to work with our staff while transitioning back into society as well as existing community members to avail themselves of. We offer an evening Intensive Outpatient Program that permits participants to continue with their responsibilities like work and school, but at the same time, continue their therapeutic journey.

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Whether an individual is struggling with alcoholism, alcohol addiction, or alcohol dependence, we have the tools and staff to help that individual create a long-term recovery solution. Alcohol addiction affects millions of Americans today, which is why we put a heavy emphasis on treating alcohol addiction by identifying underlying causes as well as specific needs of the individual. We’re here to help alleviate the effects of this life-altering disease.

Some people may be surprised that there are different types of alcohol addictions and problems. The fact is, there’s many different types of alcohol addictions, and multiple may be present in one individual. It’s important to understand and recognize the different types.

Binge drinking is most common for individuals between the ages of 18-21. This type of addiction can be classified as having more drinks in one sitting than the body can tolerate. For women, it’s usually over 3 drinks. For men, it’s usually over 5 drinks. Many times, the consequences of binge drinking can be characterized as: students missing classes or failing, hangovers, physical injury, memory loss, and changes in behavior.

Alcohol abuse can be classified as when an individual allows alcohol to affect their life negatively. Situations that may be caused from alcohol abuse include: driving under the influence, failure to maintain daily responsibilities such as school or work, relationship problems, and recurring legal problems due to drinking.

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