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PLANNED TO Perfection WEDDINGS. We provide useful, practical wedding ceremony and reception ideas, but more importantly, the step-by-step methods to make these ideas a reality. Instead of overspending for a wedding how-to book when what you really need are just a few organizational tools, glance through our site and know that what you are getting comes from years of experience in the wedding planning business. Preparing for the big day has never been easier than with the wedding planning tips offered by PLANNED TO Perfection WEDDINGS.  We apply more than 15 years of design and planning experience towards reducing the stress and costs that weddings entail. Our company offers more than just practical advice: we offer detailed instructions in the wedding articles on how to actually pull off your dream wedding and enjoy yourself at the same time.  We share what we have learned doing hundreds of weddings both big and small.  We give you the best-kept secrets of wedding planners and how to handle every facet of your wedding.  The word Perfection in our name expresses our goals and our hopes for your wedding day.

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Use these organizational elements when you first start planning your wedding. You can keep them yourself or keep them along with your planner. He/she should be keeping copious notes on your event – every teeny-tiny detail should be noted. By keeping two copies by two different people, you are assured that no element will be overlooked to ensuring your day is perfect. Make sure you have thought of everything.

Choosing what you will do when during the wedding ceremony is very important. Some ministers have their own agendas to follow, either dictated by their respective religions or their own philosophies. Some ceremony orders are dictated by the church in which you are married. In any case, you may have some wiggle room or choices as wide as the sky. Here are some suggestions.

You don't have to go broke paying for the best day of your life. Not every aspect of a wedding requires as much money as you might think. These articles include tips about saving money on flowers, cakes, food and beverage, and many other considerations for wedding ceremonies and receptions. We offer articles that are perfect for parents, brides, and grooms who are budget-conscious smart shoppers. Let's face it: sometimes the simple word "wedding" conjures dollar signs. Protect your budget and get your money's worth.

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Wedding Day Timing.After all the planning and decisions, your day needs one more element to make it perfect – the correct timing. So often, brides and grooms underestimate the amount of time it takes to accomplish tasks when nerves and excitement enter the picture. For the day to run smoothly, it will take some coordination of those involved. And who exactly is involved? Well, every vendor (See wedding checklist.) and everyone in the wedding party – including parents and grandparents. You as the bride and groom can have a timeline that works by following these guidelines.

Including Special Moments in your Ceremony.Distinguishing your ceremony from the many you have attended or seen in movies or on television will take some thought. Some churches limit what can be added or changed because of the traditions of the religion. All this is well and good. If your site allows and you wish to include memorable moments, you have many options. Some are more appropriate for an indoor wedding while others can be done anywhere. It just depends on what you feel is good for your ceremony and what means the most to you.

Let’s face it, the music can make or break the flow of the entire event so it is crucial that you hire the ceremony musicians and band or DJ that you know will make the celebration memorable. The music that accompanies the actual ceremony is very important because the music adds to the solemnity and romance as well as to the overall tone of the ceremony. No matter which songs you choose, their presentation is crucial.

The soloist sings well or sings poorly, the musician plays well or plays poorly: guests smile or roll their eyes and wonder what you were thinking when you hired these vendors. It is also possible that you were coerced into your musicians because they are family members who always do every family wedding no matter the scope of their talent. Know what the norm is, ask the right questions, and avoid disappointment. In this case, it truly is what you know, not who you know.

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