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Affordable Roofing prides itself in installing professional roof systems at affordable prices. Dial 207-420-1112 to hire the best roofing contractors now.Affordable Roofing combines quality and affordability. In today’s economy, many homeowners are sacrificing quality for price. Well, at Affordable Roofing we offer both. Our company philosophy is to do a quality job at an affordable price.

When we initially meet, we will measure your roof and show you how many square feet it is. We will then show you our price per square foot. Simply multiply the number of square feet by our price per square foot for your exact quote price. No Games – No Surprises. Our price per square foot is the same for everyone.

Affordable Roofing | Roofing ContractorsWe will sit down with you and show you product samples, pictures of our previous jobs, and give you our CertainTeed certifications. We also provide you with a copy of the Maine Attorney General Home Construction Warning. All roofers must include this statement with any home construction contract for more than $3,000. We will then choose colors, answer any concerns you may have, and determine a start date for your project.

When we arrive to start your project, we will move plants, grills, outdoor furniture and other items away from the house. A large tarp will be nailed to your roof and hang to the ground to protect your home from falling debris. When your project is completed, we will rake the grounds, sweep the stairs and driveway, and run a magnet to pick up any stray nails.
You can see that at Affordable Roofing, we care. We care about your home, your budget and our reputation.

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Most roofing contractors just tell you the shingle they are going to install is a “Lifetime Shingle”. What does that really mean? It usually means you are given a pro-rated 50 Year Warranty on just the shingle. The pro-rated portion can decline very quickly. For example, if a new roof installation costing $10,000 fails, you would only be reimbursed a percentage of the original shingle cost. This may be as little as only $1,000. That is not a real “Lifetime Warranty”.

Affordable Roofing gives you CertainTeed’s Sure-Start period of 10, 20, or 50 Years. The Sure-Start period is non-prorated. This means the shingle is covered 100%. However, what about tearing off the old shingles, disposing of them, other materials, and the labor to re-install them? Well, with Sure-Start everything is covered 100% for 10, 20, or 50 Years. This program is also transferable when your home is sold. Now, that is a real “Lifetime Warranty”.

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Once you are able to determine the type of roof you have, you will be better able to determine the type of roofing material that will suit your needs. There are five common types of roofs out there. Reading over each of the description should help you to determine what type of roof that your home has.

For those that are building their home this will help you determine which of these types of roofs will best suit your home’s needs. Here are the types of roofs that are out there:The arched roof has a curved slope you may see this type of roof pointed in the middle. You might see this type of roof on a barn. There are homes out there that use this same type of roofing structure. This type of roof might be referred to as rainbow or gothic roof.

The bonnet roof is one of the least used types of roofs in the United States. You will find this type of roof when you are dealing with French Vernacular architecture. This type of roof goes looks like a triangle at the top but at about mid-way down it curves out.

A cross gabled roof is when you have two or more gabled roofs that intersect. The basic gabled roof is generally found on a rectangular house where the cross gabled roof has a more complex shape. So this would mean if your home has a number of triangular shaped roofs you might have a cross gabled roof.

As the name might tell a flat roof is just that a roof that has no slopes of angles. This type of roof is flat. You will generally see this type of roof on businesses but there are some homes out there that have this type of structure.

The hip roof almost looks like a pyramid except instead of coming to a point at the top it is flat. There are those out there that feel this is more practical.Affordable Roofing have worked with a number of different types of roofing structures and will be happy to tell you the type of roof you have as well as the best roofing materials that you can use. For those that are in need of a quality roofing company please feel free to:Give Us a Call at (207) 420-1112!

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