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Unit 10 222-224 Mount Crosby Road , North Tivoli- 4306
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Termite Rescue - North Tivoli

If you have a timber built house it is essential to have regular checks for your home. Timber Pest Inspections are an essential part of Brisbane living. Termites and other wood pests can quickly remove thousands of dollars from the cost of your home and will ultimately leave your home in ruin if left too late. If you think you may have termites, you just might have. Get your inspections done today. Call us now and have a peace of mind that your home investments are still safe and sound. Let us remember: prevention is always better than cure.

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At Termite Rescue, we go further than just termites. We also:Treat all house hold pests.Specialise in Commercial Pest Control.Use tried and tested methods & chemicals.Are safe for Children, Pets, Wildlife & Asthmatics.Even though we are called Termite Rescue, white ants are not the only pest that we handle here. From roaches to rats we are your man! Stop uninvited house guests in their tracks with our full range of residential or commercial pest treatments. Choose the team with years of experience whilst being on the cutting edge of technology – Termite Rescue.

We cover a huge range of insects such as bees, lice, wasps, moths, bedbugs, ticks, spiders, ants and silverfish. You can also be assured your family and pets are entirely safe during the process, with each removal service initially beginning with a consultation.

We also remove and prevent the larger house invader, such as Possums, feral cats, pigeons and birds. Call us today to discuss your pest removal needs.
Rats have a well-founded reputation of being devious and sneaky and if left unchecked can spiral to unmanageable numbers very quickly. Call us today to ensure that not only are the pests removed but they cannot enter your property again!

Rat and rodent removal begins with an extensive inspection of the building in order to discover the entry points and common runs. A rat family can have as many as 6 litters a year, each litter being of 5 – 10 young. Modern roofs are the perfect place for these pests. Call us today before your house guests get out of hand!

Product and Services

Here are our main services:Commercial Pest Control Solutions.Residential Pest Control Brisbane.Home Buyers Building and Pest Inspections (PPI).Termite Prevention and Eradication Solutions.Removal of Feral Cats.Feral Pigeon Solutions.Industrial Pest Control Solutions.Removal of Possums.

Often a precursor to a mortgage, a pre purchase pest certificate is not only essential to your broker but also essential for a piece of mind, as your home is often the biggest purchases of your life so keep it safe from White Ants for you and your family across Brisbane and Ipswich

Our pre-purchase inspections will:Give your mortgage broker their requirements to fulfill your financing.Give you peace of mind against termites, when buying your home or property. Honest, Expert Unbiased opinion of the termite maintenance required.Save you from unexpected expenses after you buy.

A Pre purchase inspection is the essential check for issues or problems with any property. From White Ants to Roaches they cover it all and can easily thwart thousands of damage to your potential property.

A quarter of buildings in Brisbane and Ipswich will have a termite issue in the building's lifetime, shedding a huge amount of value from any property and will create a potential time bomb. Get your Termite Inspection done today!

Damage can be done not only from termites but also from a huge variety of pests to your property. Get your house checked before it's too late!

With Termite Rescue you can be guaranteed that we will extensively check for every known pest and with years of experience you can be assured that your potential home will be in safe hands.With this being the single most important and expensive purchase in most peoples' lives it's essential not to cut corners on something so vital for your financial livelihood.

Pre sale inspections can be vital to secure a quick sale, ensuring there are not any unknown expenses in your move and removing a hurdle from any perspective buyer. Be proactive with your sale and get a pre sale inspection today!

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